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@cereal.for.lunch says, We’ve now been to four places known as ‘the end of the world’ 🏔⛅️
It wasn’t until we arrived in Torres del Paine that we felt like we may have actually reached it. From this point on, there was simply no sense of scale — no time, no news. 
The further we climbed over the next few days, the more the mountains greyed and stretched, the ground lifted up in yellow winds, and glaciers suddenly cracked and melted into this unreal blue. ❄️ Can’t wait to share more from this vibrant corner of the world!

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⛰The 70 Million year old rock of Guatapé is about 220 meters high.😱 The top can be reached by climbing 700 stairs until you reach the viewpoint on top. It is surrounded by several artificial lakes which make a great view from the top. Who’s keen? Tag your squad! 
Amazing experience by our #VSAtraveler @aerialambassadors 
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Our team member @exploroads says” 
PALCCOYO (Tres Rainbows) or RAINBOW MOUNTAIN (Vinicunca)

* This place has three different colorful mountains
* If you have troubles with altitude, this one is 4900m (16,072ft)
* 1 Hour Hiking to explore all three Mountains * Many look out points
* Very few visitors per day
* Tours start way later (4am to 5am) where as Vinicunca Tours will start at 3am or even 2am. 
* It takes 4hours to get here and another 4 returning to Cusco
* Only a few Companies take tours there
THE BOTTOM LINE * This is not as popular as the other Rainbow Mountain know as “Vinicunca” but if you don’t like to go to crowded places this the place for you. Email us to info@visitsoam.com or visit our site to book your trip.

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It’s like a dream, don’t you think? ♥️ One more reason why Uyuni 🇧🇴 @experiencebolivia has to be in your top list.

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Photos by @hiromasakondo 
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Good morning from the wonderful city of Cusco! 
Think of us as your digital travel buddy. We’re here to help you in anyway we can. Shoot us an email us to info@visitsoam.com with your questions. We got your back! 
Excellent shot by @alexx_j.w. Check out his feed! 
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Scenes from a wild Argentinian Patagonia. Which is your favorite? 
All photos by our friend @lukekonarzewski. Check out his awesome adventures.

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@jimenasuarezv says, “Finding slices of heaven on earth. 
Huaraz is the best departure point for exploring the many attractions in the area such as Laguna Paron, Pastoruri Glacier, Laguna 69, Huayhuash Trek and so much more! Tag a friend you’d explore here with. Email us to info@visitsoam.com to book your trip! 
Video by @danielvertiz. 
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Crazy thunderstorm over Rio! 
Have you ever experienced something like this? Tag a friend who should see this. 
Photo by @shavnore.

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1, 2, 3 jump! Would you? 
Tag a friend you can see doing this jump! Email us to info@visitsoam.com with your travel questions. 
Video and photos by @naturalextremobrasil and @rafabridi. 
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@markharrison4 says ,” I see how this city was chosen for the “New 7 Wonders City” in 2014. It’s really like nothing I’ve ever seen

@experiencebolivia is one of those countries that is under the radar but has so much to offer! Will you be planning a trip soon? 
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@taylormichaelburk says, “
I believe these two images speak for themselves.
This one hits close to home for me, it was less than two years ago when I took that first photo in Patagonia. The second photo was sent to me by @rmdub, he shot it earlier this week. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. So much has vanished, a few kilometres of ice gone in such a relatively short period of time.
The underlying message here is to be considerate to our planet (our home) and reduce our footprint as much as possible. Earth doesn’t need us, we need it. I just want to share what I am seeing and hopefully inspire change on any level. I’ve learned that until an issue affects you personally no change is going to be made. Get out there and learn, see for yourself and come up with your own answers, solutions and judgments. I’m not exactly the best role model when it comes to living a low carbon output lifestyle but seeing things like this makes me questions my actions more.
First image: April 2017
Second image: February 2019

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@lady.travelist says, Is it heaven ? ⛅️🌈 Hell yes! 
Tag a friend you’d swing the day away with in the beautiful mountain range of Minca! Have we told you how beautiful @experiencecolombia can be? Secrets out and more and more travelers are visiting by the day! 
Photo by @mr.travelist @lady.travelist. 
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