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Had fun at the video shoot for my weekly PQs (Powerful Questions)  for Breakthroughs series today.  My friend and fashion stylist Caleb London @fashionfello had mercy on me sitting under the hot lights in my sunroom-turned-studio and started fanning me with a sheet of paper. Nothing like a little breeze when you’re burning up!

But seriously, if you have not checked out my video series, every week I help you get unstuck so you can be unstoppable by giving you a powerful question (PQ!) to ask yourself when you face some of life’s most common dilemmas and challenges.  It’s self-coaching, it’s practical and it’s quick!

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I’m back in the USA! 🇺🇸 After a 16-hour flight from beautiful South Africa, we landed so early that I got home in time to get to take Alex to school and see Jeff, Sophie and Addie! Now, for a lonnnnnng nap!!!! Happy Monday!

I just said this prayer for you. Have a great week! 💓
Pastors Andre @andregolivier and Wilma Olivier @wilmaelsabeolivier , thank you for a beautiful time @sisters_of_africa and @riverssandton Your ministry is a reflection of Heaven, full of love, service, compassion, humility and excellence! And Simi @whatyoumeant , keep inspiring!
The most successful people are not fearless. They are COURAGEOUS. They feel fear, but they don’t let it stop them. 
When you step out of your comfort zone, expect to feel uncomfortable. It’s a sign you’re stretching!

My message to 4,000 beautiful people at @riverssandton and @riverskyalami this morning in South Africa 
@riverssandton  @riverskyalami
With encourager and cheerleader extraordinaire @sheilagcraft of @elevate.life at @riverssandton @sisters_of_africa 🥰😍👏🏽
“You have to make peace with the mistakes of your past so that you glean the lessons and discover an exciting vision your future. Regardless of what has happened, all things can work together for good.” #sistersofafrica2019 #itsabouttime #southafrica @riverssandton @sisters_of_africa
Silly selfies with my friend @lisabevere ... nearly 20 years ago, when I was a self published author with dreams of inspiring women around the world, I met her when we were guests together on @lifetodaytv . She still inspires me, and even more, I am grateful for her, her message and her support... All along your journey, if you’re fortunate, there are people who will open doors that give you an opportunity to have greater impact. And here in South Africa, my friend @lisabevere is the one who connected me to the phenomenal @wilmaelsabeolivier and said, “You should get to know Valorie Burton.” Thanks, Lisa.💓 #womeninspiringwomen 
“Looking back ten years from now, what will you wish you had done?” That was my powerful coaching question of the day for the beautiful women at  @sisters_of_africa when I spoke today. @riverssandton does everything with such excellence, it’s positively inspiring.  Can’t wait to speak again tomorrow!

#southafrica #sistersofafrica2019
Photo via Rivers Church
Excited to be speaking in South Africa at the @sisters_of_africa conference @riverssandton tomorrow! @lisabevere and @wilmaelsabeolivier were powerful speakers tonight!

Photo via Rivers Church
Nothing ever comes to one that is worth having except as a result of hard work. - Booker T. Washington
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