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Forcibly recruited into an armed group. Traumatized by violence.

Abdoulaye’s devastating story is shared by hundreds of vulnerable children in Mali.
This smile says everything. Hussaini, 14, listens to educational lessons broadcast as part of a UNICEF-supported Radio learning project in Dori, Burkina Faso. 📻 Since his school was destroyed and he and his family were forced to escape their village in northern Burkina Faso, he has not set foot in a classroom. “I used to love school, to read, to count and to play during recess,” says Hussaini. “It’s been a year since I last went to school.” Thanks to a radio set he received as part of the pilot programme, Hussaini is still learning every day, even though he is not going to a physical school. “It’s good. All the family listens to the [radio] lessons now,” says Hussaini. But he still misses his old school. “We had good teachers,” he recalls wistfully. “I don’t know where they are today.” #ChildrenUnderAttack © UNICEF/UN0329267/Bindra
😄☮️ Education offers children a ladder out of poverty and a path to a promising future. That's why it is crucial that every child has a chance to learn in a safe and supportive environment. #ENDviolence © UNICEF/UN0323019/Seng
Sala is one of hundreds of children in Mali suffering extreme violence due to ongoing conflict.
This emergency simulation at a school in Burkina Faso, is all too real. More than 9,000 schools have been closed because of violence and insecurity in West and Central Africa, robbing 1.9 million children of an education. We’re supporting with educational supplies, reconstruction of school buildings and teacher training but the safety of children in classrooms and on their way to school continues to be restricted by ongoing violence. Attacks on schools and school children must stop. © UNICEF/UN0329274/Bindra #NotATarget #ChildrenUnderAttack #ENDviolence
In Syria, thousands of children are missing out on an education as schools continue to be destroyed or damaged by war. Attacks on schools are attacks on children’s right to an education.

Happy birthday @dualipa! Thank you for shining a light on our work to protect refugee and migrant children. Your support is greatly appreciated 💙 © UNICEF/UN0299663/Modola
We all need a helping hand sometimes❤️ By choosing respect, support and kindness, we can make our communities safe and supportive. #ENDviolence © UNICEF/UN0315211/Nakibuuka
Joniste survived Ebola but her three-year-old son did not. Now immune to the disease, she returned to the UNICEF-supported clinic where she was treated to feed, hold and soothe babies at risk or orphaned by the epidemic. This labour of love helps ease her own pain. “If I had to stay home I’d think too much about my son. Many babies have lost their mothers and need our love. Caring for them is my way of helping the people who looked after me.” © Simon Townsley
“Every child in Mali deserves a life without violence. Every child in Mali deserves access to education.” Our Goodwill Ambassador @muzoonalmellehan is in Mali shining a light on the challenges children are facing and the work @UNICEFMali is doing to support the most vulnerable. “Some of the children I met were affected by violence, others were separated from their families due to migration. All of them were inspirational and wonderful.” #regram #AChildIsAChild #ChildrenUnderAttack