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||-// twenty øne piløts

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great fyh ._.
photo and edit by: @tylerrjoseph 
but what’s new, this is easy for me
[ o*] by @bradheaton
i didn’t even edit this garbage. it’s sunday. my editing business is closed on sundays.
bow to your layer lord.
photo edited by @tylerrjoseph
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i love this photo
jenna, i need a haircut again
for the writing and recording of Trench i knew i needed to be home. in order to do that i needed a studio built in my basement. watching the space come to life along side of the record itself was something i wanted to share. the excuses that came with writing and recording in hotels, buses, and green rooms were no where to be found. and that pressure created a group of songs that i have become very proud of. @jennaajoseph picked all the finishes.
after photos by @bradheaton
south america was incredible.
mexico, here we come.
::;,.from the levitate shoot in Ukraine,.,;
we decided that if we ever did a podcast we would name it “Togg and Jog”.
mine spelled with two g’s because i’m the lead singer.
photo: @bradheaton