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Dad of the year, Looking good @r_gx_2
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The Mountains.. They are calling.. @rondarousey said she wants some elk and I will not disappoint. Love You Beautiful!! Heal up and we’ll be out in these mountains together very soon!
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Happy anniversary My Love!!! I know I’m 4days late but that’s because we were enjoying our day instead of being on social.  She lets me be nerdy with the rock formations lol this one is called “The Amphitheater”
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Check out @rondarousey in @warcraft 15yr anniversary commercial for #wowclassic 
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This is not only a South America problem it’s a global problem as the Amazon is responsible for 20% of the oxygen we breathe. Please share so we can figure out a solution.

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The lungs of the Earth are in flames. 🔥 The Brazilian Amazon—home to 1 million Indigenous people and 3 million species—has been burning for more than two weeks straight. There have been 74,000 fires in the Brazilian Amazon since the beginning of this year—a staggering 84% increase over the same period last year (National Institute for Space Research, Brazil). Scientists and conservationists attribute the accelerating deforestation to President Jair Bolsonaro, who issued an open invitation to loggers and farmers to clear the land after taking office in January.⁣
The largest rainforest in the world is a critical piece of the global climate solution. Without the Amazon, we cannot keep the Earth’s warming in check. ⁣
The Amazon needs more than our prayers. So what can YOU do?⁣
✔ As an emergency response, donate to frontline Amazon groups working to defend the forest. ⁣
✔ Consider becoming a regular supporter of the Rainforest Alliance’s community forestry initiatives across the world’s most vulnerable tropical forests, including the Amazon; this approach is by far the most effective defense against deforestation and natural forest fires, but it requires deep, long-term collaboration between the communities and the public and private sectors. Link in bio.⁣
✔ Stay on top of this story and keep sharing posts, tagging news agencies and influencers. ⁣
✔ Be a conscious consumer, taking care to support companies committed to responsible supply chains.⁣ Eliminate or reduce consumption of beef; cattle ranching is one of the primary drivers of Amazon deforestation.
✔ When election time comes, VOTE for leaders who understand the urgency of our climate crisis and are willing to take bold action—including strong governance and forward-thinking policy.⁣
#RainforestAlliance #SaveTheAmazon #PrayForAmazonia #AmazonRainforest #ActOnClimate #ForestsResist #ClimateCrisis 📸: @mohsinkazmitakespictures / Windy.com
Here’s the scoop on @rondarousey finger incident. Follow link in bio for full video!
My first London Broil with balsamic mushrooms and parmesan  broccolini with lemon juice. #thankyoukobe #browseyacres
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You wanted more, here it is! TABLES: The Movie.. Trailer: The extended cut
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