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Photo by @rwmaddenphotog // Unusually large thunderstorms gave way to a glorious sunset just as I was crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Multi tasking! #bridge #sunset #photojournalism #weather
Robbie Shone @shonephoto | As evening descends upon the outside world, two cave explorers enter Er Long Dong and begin a long journey through the cave to the gigantic chamber known as Cloud Ladder Hall. This is one of three known tunnels into the cave leading to the big hall, but probably the easiest to negotiate.
Photo by Ivan Kashinsky @ivankphoto | In early morning, a man stares out over the Cayapas River as a woman walks on the street below in the Ecuadorian province of Esmeraldas. This photo was part of book project, in which Karla Gachet (@kchete77) and I traveled from the Equator to the southern tip of South America. @runa_photos, @panospicutres, @natgeo, #runaflirts
Photo by Stephen Alvarez (@salvarezphoto) |
The Circle of Friends is a well known pictograph in Southern Utah. Of all the rock art that I have seen this panel is perhaps the most evocative. This photograph is part of my non profit @ancientartarchive and our work to explore and preserve humanity's oldest stories. Be it from climate change, resource extraction, population pressure or religious intolerance all rock art like this is under threat. At @ancientartarchive we use photography and advance VR modeling to preserve these ancient artworks.
Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix // Today, June 13, is International #Albinism Awareness Day! Albinism is a genetic condition characterized by low levels of melanin, which provides skin pigmentation. It occurs globally, across all racial and ethnic groups, though it continues to be misunderstood in many communities. Many people with albinism are severely discriminated against, and even attacked, for their unique appearance. Many others lack adequate access to medical resources for conditions highly associated with albinism, such as low vision and skin cancer.

Celebrating days like #IAAD is an important part of creating an inclusive world so the 1 in 20,000 living with this rare genetic condition can have a positive self image and love the skin they're in.

For those in NYC, images from this billboard campaign can be seen in Times Square (7th & 49th) featuring model / activists @diandraforrest (pictured here), @stephenthompsonofficial, @jerrbul, and my children, Forest and Lotus, celebrating albinism and promoting skin health with the @nydg_foundation #NYDGColorFull campaign.
#colorfull #internationalalbinismawarenessday #skinhealth #myalbinismmycolor
Photo by @robertclarkphoto // Nearly as tall as a giraffe and with the wingspan of an F-16 fighter, Quetzalcoatlus northropi was one of the largest flying animals of all time. This life-size model, being painted by @_jimBurt_ at Blue Rhino Studio, @bluerhinostudio, is bound for a cultural center in Kuwait

Bristling with teeth for catching fish, this Anhanguera piscator fossil retains its true-to-life shape—a prize for paleontologists. Its skull and other bones were found in a fossil-rich region of Brazil. #dinosaur #paleontology #naturalhistory
Photograph by @andyparkinsophoto/@thephotosociety 
Mountain hare grooming – In every photographic circumstance in which I find myself there is always an aspect of reactivity about it. Whilst some photographers plan meticulously every aspect of the images that they seek to produce I tend to favour the more organic, chaotic approach. This usually involves wandering aimlessly into the mountains and then just deciding off the cuff, factoring in light, wind speed, snow cover etc what I’m going to try and photograph. One of the great benefits of course of having spent so much time with mountain hares is that I can be incredibly selective in terms of what I will or won’t shoot. Earlier this year, during the 5 weeks that @kevmorgans and I worked with them there was little if any snow cover. Patches of distracting snow however created annoying distractions all over the plateau and this of course modified how I chose to work. This image, of a favourite hare of ours called Lady, typified this approach. On this day she had chosen to sit on a small patch of snow, which was beneficial as it allowed lots of reflected light to bounce up underneath her, filling in shadows and creating a wonderfully even tone. She was however surrounded by snow free moorland and I’m yet to see an image that works where both patchy snow and exposed moorland feature. For me the decision was obvious and that was to work at close quarters, focussing in on the subtle details and hoping that when she groomed or stretched that a tightly cropped image would work. Here as she groomed I was blessed by both the symmetry of her paws but also the intensity of her gaze and for that reason it is an image that I quite like. As always though I’d really appreciate to learn what all of you think so if you do get a moment then please do let me know. Thanks as always by the way for all of your fantastic support, it is so, so appreciated.
Photo by David Guttenfelder @dguttenfelder | An all-female rock band performs a lunchtime set at an Italian restaurant in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Please follow me, @dguttenfelder, for an inside look at North Korea, where I have been traveling and photographing for the past 19 years.
Photo by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz | Thamud, Yemen | On my second crossing of Arabia’s Empty Quarter, I found some strange looking dunes in old satellite data that a friend of mine at NASA shared with me. It was pretty low rez imagery, so I didn’t really know what to expect when I took off with my paraglider at sunrise. 90% of life is showing up! This monster barchan dune appeared to be spawning. #DesertAirBook #EmptyQuarterBook  #paramotor

To explore more of our earth from above, follow @geosteinmetz
Photo by Robbie Shone @shonephoto | In a small clearing surrounded by trees and thick vegetation, three tiny explorers admire the scale of the Niubizi Tian Keng in Wulong, China. In such a space, the obvious question to ask by any cave explorer is how big the cave chamber must have been before the roof collapsed in opening it up to the daylight outside. Hidden from view, this lost world now contains it's own unique ecosystem thriving, secluded in paradise. Thin wisps of clouds gather and gently rise up following a heavy downpour of rain.
Photo by @joepetersburger/@thephotosociety // FROM ANY ANGLE // #Hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum) hovering in front of #paperbush (Edgeworthia chrysantha) #flowers. No matter what the flower's position is, these creatures will find the way to suck #nectar with their #proboscis mid-air from the flowers. This proboscis is not the longest among hawk-moths, but still longer than its own bodysize. Only about 50 steps from my car, when I parked at the university I am lecturing in #Hungary. No need to travel far away for fantastic experience. Travel less, discover your backyard, reduce your ecological footprint! Please #followme at @joepetersburger to keep up-to-date with my images! #flower #hummingbirdhawkmoth #education #reallifeeducation #discoveryourbackyard #educateandinspire #macro #macrophotography #macrophoto
Photograph by David Chancellor @chancellordavid - set up a studio in the mess tent (swipe left) with help from some friends 🙏🏻 - ranger portraits, northern Kenya - in awe of the work these men and women do 👍🏿👍🏼🙏🏻 #conservation #withbutterfliesandwarriors #northernkenya #kenya @forrangers @thephotosociety @natgeo @everydayextinction 👍🏿👍🏼🖤💚