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Photo by @amivitale for @rippleeffectimages. Runa Khan is a force of nature. For years, she watched as #climatechange in #Bangladesh flooded whole communities, cutting them off from the mainland and stranding families from receiving vital healthcare and education.

That’s why Runa founded @friendshipngo. This innovative floating hospital literally sails on water to bring #education, #healthcare and #hope to communities stranded on Bangladesh’s isolated chars. Friendship has helped over one million people gain access to healthcare in Bangladesh and thousands more through education.

Here, Runa is surrounded by children on a char a she makes her rounds from island to island.

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Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety

Photographing in Kamchatka was an insane experience, living among and being with the bears all day every day. Moments like this can never be fully explained, the privilege or the awe but in this moment I was about as excited and grateful as I have ever been, sitting quietly on a river bank surrounded by these astonishing mammals. Of course I had a bear expert out of sight to my left, someone who has known these bears for over twenty years. It goes without saying that if you ever encounter a bear then acknowledge it, let it see you and then move slowly away! Swipe to see me and more bears! #bears #kamchatka #wildlife #thephotosociety
Photo by Cameron Davidson @camdavidsonphoto.  Times Square, New York City: From my decade plus long-term project of photographing American cities from the air at night. I started shooting the dusk/evening aerials back in 2007 when ISO 3200 was achievable. Now, I can shoot at much higher ISO ratings with more dynamic range and less noise. Technology marches on. The key to successful aerial photography from helicopters (IMO) is a strong understanding of aviation rules and concepts, a working knowledge of how helicopters work, flying with a pilot who knows how to fly for the camera and most importantly, a safety first approach to the flight. Do see mroe of my aerial and location photography, please follow me at @camdavidsonphoto #aerial #nikond5 #nyc #timessquare #captureonepro12 #newyork #aerialphotonyc
Photo by @lucianocandisani ( Luciano Candisani ). This is a 7 meters female anaconda.My friend @danieldegranville was there and stretched a string to measure this colossal female when she stretched out in the bottom.Me and @claudiagaigher were at the formoso swamp doing a story for a TV show called Fantástico. 
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Photo by @joepetersburger/@thephotosociety // DIRTY WORK // It takes lot of effort to take a great picture so frequently. However, sometimes it is better to stop and protect – at least the equipment and hope for its survival. Yes, it was very difficult to see through those glasses… Swipe for a picture on exactly the same location at a more successful weather. A fantastic looking, but #parasitic #cuckoo #wasp flying into the #nest of a solitary wasp. This tiny wasp will lay its eggs on the stored food of the host. 
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Photo by @rezaphotography #Iran

It was 40 years ago, in my native country. When I saw him, tender and proud, surrounded by this adversity, I thought of Iran, its cat-shaped design on the map. Over the decades that passed, the feeling that I had then remained the same regarding its destiny (as well as the destiny of its people whether they stayed or left on the roads of exile). A fragile destiny between Revolution and war, repression and sanctions.
Today, I think of this sentence of the poet Khalil Gibran
In the autumn I gathered all my sorrows and buried them in my garden. And when April returned and spring came to wed the earth, there grew in my garden beautiful flowers, unlike all other flowers. And my neighbours came to behold them, and they all said to me:
Photo by @irablockphoto | Novice monks on their way to school use a bamboo bridge to cross the Nam Khan River. The bridge is near the confluence of the Nam Khan and Mekong rivers in Luangprabang, Laos. When the monks would cross the bridge was always a mystery to me. I was told they crossed on their way to school, but school seemed to start at different times each day. I went out at 7am on multiple mornings before I was able to get this Photo. @natgeo @natgeocreative #monks #mekongriver #namkhanriver #luangprabang #laos #students #school #bridge #bamboobridge
Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) // With the iconic Matterhorn mountain looming large in the background, two explorers search the surface of the ice for moulins and caves that could lead them down to the contact, where the glacier meets the rock of the valley floor. It is during the middle of the night, when it is the coldest and there is no running meltwater, that it is the safest time to explore these caves.
Photo by @lucianocandisani ( Luciano Candisani ). It is now the squid season in Ilhabela, the Island where I live in the north coast of São Paulo,Brazil. When I have time between the assignments I go offshore  with my boat to see what I can find in the green waters. I would love to do a book with my imagens around my home.
Photo by @ljohnphoto for @rippleeffectimages // A young woman skillfully works on her fine embroidery at the @pardadapardadi school in #India. In a country where families often keep their daughters home from school, Pardada Pardadi is an innovative safehaven of academics and skill-building for women and girls. All of the products they make are for sale to help support Pardada Pardadi and, more importantly, for the women to have an independent income. 
With that income there is freedom to build a new life or improve the lives of their children. This is the heart of this school. As an additional innovation, students also receive ten rupees per day in a savings account for attending. 
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Photo by @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez) | Chauvet Cave, France The 36,000-year-old paintings in Chauvet are incredible. It is not just their state of preservation, it is that they record a lost world. Bison, Aurochs, Lions and, Rhinoceros are all recorded on the cave's walls.  Caves often act as time capsules preserving what things were like in the past. In the case of Chauvet we have an evocative record of what long-extinct animals looked like recorded by attentive artists. There is one detail that sometimes gets overlooked about this cave. The wall is covered by scratch marks from cave bears (Ursus spelaeus). These huge bears hibernated in caves and presumably left the scratch marks while stretching when they woke up.
Seeing the paintings in Chauvet was a profound experience and led me to create the non-profit @ancientartarchive. We use 3D and VR technology to share the experience of standing in front of ancient artworks.
Phone photo by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto - Terme San Filippo, Tuscany, Italy - Located between the Mount Amiata, the highest mountain in Tuscany, and the Orcia valley, San Filippo takes its name from the Florentine hermit who retreated here in the 13th century. The water gurgle out of the ground at 50°C and is rich in sulphur, magnesium, calcium and sulphur bicarbonate, believed to be good for skin conditions and respiratory disorders. On the way that brings to the town a small wooden bridge on the right leads into the woods and the to the green water that fills the pools that the river flows into. Most spectacular of all is the Fosso Bianco also known as La Balena (the whale), a series of calcareous rock formations that hang over the water in a series of stalactites. San Filippo's milky mineral water flows through the pools and along the river, banked by bamboo, for miles.
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