Meet the new Pandora #WhatDoYouLove

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Dream big with Princess Tiana, the star of Disney’s The Princess and The Frog. Celebrate her inspirational story and let it remind you to let nothing stand in the way of your hopes and dreams, even if you encounter a Frog Prince on the way 
#DISNEYxPandora #PandoraCharm #ThePrincessAndTheFrog
Be a boss lady like model @halima, a Pandora Muse who advocates girl power, assertiveness and making your own destiny. “Don’t change yourself, change the game. Don’t wait to be invited to the table, grab your own seat.” #WhatDoYouLove #PandoraMuses #Pandora
“What’s it like to be a woman today? I think it’s supercharged with a lot of power. Voices are being heard, changes are being made and it’s just a really conscious and powerful moment right now,” says artist @tasyavanree. Tasya Van Ree is one of our Pandora Muses celebrating the beauty in differences, diversity and progress. Tag an inspiring woman in your life! #WhatDoYouLove #PandoraMuses #Pandora
Focusing on her love for feminism and critical thinking, photographer @margaret__zhang highlights that “Being a woman today is complicated because somehow being a woman became a brand and a hashtag.” Proving that women all over the world can be anything if they set their mind to it, Margaret embodies the ultimate Pandora Muse qualities. #WhatDoYouLove #PandoraMuses #Pandora
“Love can only happen if you fully love yourself, accept yourself and know how you operate and how you tick.” These are the wise words of actress @nathalieemmanuel, a Pandora Muse giving us major self-love vibes. #WhatDoYouLove #PandoraMuses #Pandora
If @larsenthompson, actress, model, dancer and one of our dynamic Pandora Muses, could change one thing about the world, it would be to widen the definition of beauty. She says: “I don’t think beauty is classified in any certain way. It is in all shapes, sizes and colours. Everybody is beautiful in so many different ways.” We couldn’t agree more! #WhatDoYouLove  #PandoraMuses #Pandora
“Love to me means having an open heart, being accepting and living in the moment,” shares model and designer @georgiamayjagger, one of the inspiring Pandora Muses. What does love mean to you? #WhatDoYouLove #Pandora
From environmental change to female empowerment and championing diversity, each of the Pandora Muses including @nathalieemmanuel, @georgiamayjagger and @larsenthompson stands for an important global cause — and Pandora is proud to support them. #PandoraMuses #PandoraJewellery #Pandora
The inspirational Pandora Muses including @halima, @tasyavanree and @margaret__zhang stand for global challenges that are close to their heart and boldly raise their voices for important issues. Which causes mean the most to you? #PandoraMuses #PandoraJewellery #Pandora
Introducing the Pandora Muses @nathalieemmanuel, @georgiamayjagger, @halima, @tasyavanree, @margaret__zhang and @larsenthompson – strong, inspirational women who are not afraid to express their loves and take a stance on issues that matter to them. This inspiring squad are the fresh faces of the new Pandora. We can’t wait to show you more. #PandoraMuses #Pandora
Let these Disney’s The Little Mermaid charms become part of your world. The loveable trio of friends from the film, Sebastian the crab, Flounder and Ariel, are transformed into adorable charms. 
#TheLittleMermaid #DISNEYxPandora #PandoraCharm
Can you believe it’s been 30 years since Disney’s The Little Mermaid splashed onto the big screen and into our hearts? Celebrate the anniversary with Flounder, one of Ariel’s best friends, who inspires endless loyalty and hope. 
#TheLittleMermaid #DISNEYxPandora #PandoraCharm