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I wanna live inside this @VonDshoes photo taken by @wicked_lady! ❤️ Huge thanks to @fairweatherhebrew + @elzaburkart for modeling the Coven II shoes + Natacha II platforms!  #Vegan shoes have never looked so fucking sexy!
Just got home from long photoshoot, and thought I’d wish everyone a beautiful night before turning the phone off for the day to spend time with @prayers and Baby Leafar.  Love you all. X
...not to mention @majestyblack designed both my wedding dress and @prayers groom’s attire so beautifully. He even created the handmade red antler headpiece that held my veil up so perfectly during our ceremony. We love you, @majestyblack! ❤️
Happiest of Birthday to my beloved friend @majestyblack!  Not only is he the creative styling genius behind all the photo+film projects I’ve done, but he’s one of my dearest and closest friends. I love you, JD! 🖤
🖤Happy Sunday, everyone!🖤
After 93 years of this lifetime mi querida abuelita has passed on to the other side.  Her dementia robbed her last years of the ability to recognize any family or friends, and as much as it’s always sad to lose a loved one, our family is grateful that she’s finally at peace now. 
My mom told me Grandma had a rough childhood, an even rougher marriage, but thankfully managed to have a happy life up until the dementia took over. 
Hearing my mom admit that Grandmas life was one of constant struggles made me really wanna work hard at making sure I don’t repeat that. I wanna always surround myself with kind, loving people. I wanna be able to always look back and have the good times outshine the bad.  I wanna make every day count. 
Hoping all of you are feeling loved today. X
Having been in the tattoo industry for the greater part of my life, I’ve seen countless tattoos of all types of styles — but NEVER have I felt inspired to tell anyone “that’s ugly” or “you’re stupid.” Tattoos are funny in the sense that ultimately it is one of the most intimately personal things we can do for ourselves. 
But even though tattoos are an outward expression, they really aren’t for anyone else other than the person wearing it. 
With that being said, I do love sharing and giving the world a window into aspects of my life — especially when it involves something/someone that inspires me. 
But just because I choose to share my experiences, it shouldn’t be an invitation for such negativity. 
Yes, I did decide to black out a large portion of old, crappy tattoos on my arm that I posted yesterday, and regardless of what people might think about it, I absolutely LOVE how simple and clean it looks now. 
So, to respond to a lot of the noise that clogged up my comment section in my last post: •No, it doesn’t matter that you don’t like the way my arm looks. To each their own. •No, this isn’t bad for my health [but thank you for caring!] When done correctly, tattoos don’t penetrate passed the second dermis layer of skin. During the healing process, our skin naturally filters out any excess pigment through our pores.  And no, there is no lead, plastics, toxins in the professional-grade tattoo pigments that we use.  Nowadays you can even find vegan-friendly pigments that works just as well, too. •No, this isn’t a lazy attempt at a coverup. It actually takes an extremely skilled artist that specializes in blacking out tattoos. •Before you label something “ugly” or “horrible” try to remember that beauty is subjective. Your idea of a dream tattoo, might be someone else’s idea of a nightmare. 
Last thing: Swipe through to see some inspiring black work tattoos by @hoode215.  Even if it’s something you would never get, there’s no denying the simplistic esthetic to this style of tattooing really is beautiful in its own way. 
Lotsa Love. X
I’m so in love with my new blacked out arm tattooed by @hoode215! 🖤 Can’t believe it only took him 1.5 hours - and it’s the most consistent, true black I have ever seen! 
I feel so lucky to have @hoode215 guest spotting here at @highvoltagetat and excited to have him come back in regular basis!  Go follow @hoode215 to see the most impressive black work ever! 🖤🖤🖤

We are so proud to finally launch @vondshoes on World Vegan Day, and can’t thank you enough for all the love!  So many orders already, and I can’t wait to start seeing everyone wearing these luxe vegan shoes that were made with so much LOVE! 
Thank you for being patient with us this morning,too!  Although we anticipated a strong response we weren’t expecting the amount of traffic would make the site take longer to load for some, but everything is up and running smoothly now! 
And yes, the Slayer boot [in some sizes] and the Coven I silver buckle shoe were the first to sell out, but don’t worry!  We have already re-ordered more stock and will be notifying you the minute they arrive - so if you haven’t already, I suggest signing up to be notified first! 
Love you guys so much! 🖤
Years ago, I was shown an obscure photo of Alexander Graham Bell kissing his wife as she stood inside one of his Tetrahedral Kites [swipe to see the photo]. It inspired the idea of recreating this image in my own way, for the cover image of my upcoming album. *Cant wait to show you guys soon! 
Anyway, I had a Tetrahedral kite made out of wood, and it lived outside in our garden for years before slowly disintegrating.  Lucky enough, @critterosity introduced me to @alleged_axe via Instagram, and he was able to recreate my beloved tetrahedron, but this time out of metal!  Thank you, @alleged_axe for the immaculate metal work, and for keeping this beautiful artifact alive! 🖤
At our @VonDshoes distribution center! These shoes are ready to meet their new owners!  I can’t believe TOMORROW we finally launch this beautiful line of #vegan shoes out into the world!!! 🖤🙀🖤
Just went in for my second session of laser tattoo removal at @rejuvamedicalaesthetics!  I’m currently working on lasering off both my upper arms — getting rid of a bunch of old tattoos that I got when I was young, and making room for roses I want to get done by @mikeyctattoo at @highvoltagetat !  This is a healed before-and-after on this tattoo after only one session! Swipe to see the laser in action! 🙀 You can check out more before-and-afters if you follow @rejuvamedicalaesthetics - the only place I trust for the most efficient, pain-free tattoo removal!