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🇺🇦🇸🇪||We see humans, but no humanity. Stylist @blus_edmonton Be Limitless. “A true artist is not one who is inspired, but who inspires others.”-S.Dali

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Happy Mother’s Day 🌻 I believe the top photo was around 2011 and the bottom photo was just last year... we have all grown and changed so much and I’m so happy I still get to celebrate Mother’s Day. These last few years have shown how strong my mom is, watching her... I’m amazed. She, out of all of us, made the biggest changes to her life and she came out 20000% stronger. You made every hard choice, you fought every battle, and we will stand beside you forever. No words can explain how much we all respect & LOVE you... you da 💣❤️ Happy Mother’s Day, mum. I love you as much as the ocean 🌊
my boys 💙 #puppylove
how about an unedited photo for once ♥️ wore these cute lil Picasso earrings from my mum today @urmyperson
“Allure.” || a productive Sunday with @coffee_and_baileys & @kmoorephotos ♥️ smoking jacket from @swishygirl2.0 🎞
golden hour 🌞
EF has my 💙 thanks Chris for the PK 🦋 #eileenfisher #organic #spring
mmmmm your kiss is 
sweeter than honey 
But guess what? 
So is my money 💸🍯 #respect #ootd
I’m gonna start posting more artwork. Of all kinds...💭 I miss creating. Can’t wait to show you guys all my ideas.
The more she grows up the more I’m realizing how alike we are. It’s crazy
pucker up 🍋
Not your typical, not anyone’s typical.
Beautiful day with my beautiful auntie 🌸