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And it’s a wrap! 
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When they question your choices, know that you’re moving forward and they are standing still. Know that you’re one step closer to finding the unknown. Know that sometimes opinions really don’t matter when you already know what they don’t. Stand tall with your head held high, your foot firm on the ground and your judgement unprejudiced. 💫
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You disgust me! You, the people we elect to represent us! You, the so called saviours of the mankind! You and your stupid law! You and your system! The entire political system of this whole world is so twisted and biased that I am angry! You cut down 1800 trees overnight of a forest and ecosystem that has existed for so long and been a home to thousand of species! You think you’ve the bloody right to take their home away for a metroshed!!! And when a 16 year old girl, the future of this world tells you to act at least now, you ask her to shut up and behave like a child?! Time is up for this! For your sloppy selfish attitude that is killing our Mother Nature. TIME IS UP! React now people because it’s already too late.
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At dusk she froze like a painting.
Katha by @anupama_panicker
I love how sometimes I see a photo and discover a side of mine or expression that I never knew I had. I love how a photographer/cinematographer can capture you in your thousand different shades. A treasure hunt that I love, and @anupama_panicker you are amazing at this. Can’t wait to be your muse again ♥️😘
Let eyes do the talk.
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Happy Navrathri 🙏🏼
Words 👏🏼
It is absolutely great to see the fight that is going on across the globe against the climate change. Here are a few things I thought we could do that will support this cause. Billions of tons of plastic, especially single time use plastic are being dumped into the ocean and land.
1. Carry a small cloth bag with you all the time in your bag so that you can avoid the usage of polythene bags while shopping.
2. Steel straws/bamboo straws are anyday a better option. They come with a cleaning brush too.
3. Bamboo toothbrushes are an excellent replacement for our regular plastic brushes.
4. The green pouch comes with personal cutlery that you can use while travelling. If not this, then at least use a steel/glass/copper water bottle and avoid mineral water bottle as much as possible.
@minimo.basics thank you for doing this. Now it’s our turn to do our bit. This is not a paid collaboration. Just something I thought would help.
Every single small step is going to matter in this fight. This is our last chance to save our world. ♥️🌏