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Fortnite Fun Part 2. #fortnite #rainbowkittensurprise #Xbox #rks #holywar
Fortnite fun. 🎬🎮 #fortnite #Xbox
Brutus and his sidekick, Koda. 😊
I'll own another one day. 😕
#KTM #250sx #2stroke
You can get knocked down and it hurts and leaves scars. But if you're a leader, the people you've counted on will help you up. And if you're a leader, the people who count on you need you on your feet. 
#painheals #chicksdigscars #glorylastsforever
In case you were wondering what the interior of your knee looks like. This 5 hour surgery took place on May 31st. I ended up tearing my ACL, PCL, MCL, and damaged my medial meniscus. Dr. Mark Miller and his team at UVA did the reconstruction which consisted first of a primary repair on my MCL (meaning my MCL detached instead of reptured which allowed them to reattach my existing MCL). My ACL was replaced with a graft from my own Patella tendon and my PCL was replaced from a donor/ cadaver allograft that was once someone's Achilles tendon. So far recovery has gone according to plan, but I'm still anxious to see if it will ever be the same as I still haven't taken a step without crutches for nearly 3 months!
On April 28th 2018, I came fairly close to losing the lower half of my right leg as a result of violently dislocating my knee in a dirt bike accident. Though I'm grateful to still have my leg, the road to recovery is quite long and comes with no guarantees. Shout out to those who have been here for me so far. More pictures, updates, and details to come.
This bridge is like heaven's gates for bikers. #drz400sm #supermoto
Workin' on Wheelie Wednesday. #wheeliewednesday #muchyellow #drz400sm #flume
I know, I know,
Flashback to 2011 and one of my better vacations.
March is over, but the Madness continues #MarchMadness