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The CSP Fall Seminar is scheduled to take place this Sunday so I’ve got presentations on the brain. This mentality right here is the key to success every time I sit down to prepare a lecture. Hasn’t failed me yet, and hopefully won’t this time around.
BTW, while we’ve officially eclipsed our prior registration record from the first seven editions of this event, we still have plenty of room for more if you’d like to join thanks to the large space. Shoot me a DM if you’d like event info. 👊
I took the liberty of writing down some strategic objectives for your new gym. Feel free to put them to use ASAP. #rinseandrepeat
Every once in a while the mother of a high school athlete will drop an unexpected line that actually makes me laugh out loud. 😂
Running a small gym with dreams of big growth? Take this programming tip into consideration ASAP and thank me later. 👊
More is better when it comes to:
Equipment – 👎
Space to Move — 👍
If you’re going to demand ownership tendencies from your team, you’d better be delivering ownership-level compensation packages. Otherwise, just create an environment where they can be exceptional within the confines of their agreed upon schedule and ask no more of them.
A resume with ten certifications and two degrees is less appealing to me than one with a single relevant certification, some meaningful coaching experience, and a degree that applies to the athletic population we serve.
Turns out there are valuable lessons to be learned from our interns... 😂
You already allow HR drama and other typical headaches around the gym to steal all of your energy...so why are you also letting that brutally needy client stick around despite what your gut is telling you?
Surrounded myself with close friends in HS who went on to Ivy League schools while I barely scraped my way into a college that was academically above my head.
Then I barely survived the first semester of college. It was a grind. It was worth it.
I ended up with a ridiculous network of intelligent and connected people, a business partner, and a newfound passion for learning that I didn’t initially bring to school with me.
Be the idiot in the room. You won’t regret it.
You know that frustrating client habit that rubs you the wrong way time and time again? Well chances are they don’t even realize they’re breaking a rule.
We can’t assume that everyone who walks through the door will have a level of social awareness that we’d like to see. If we have a rule, we need to explain it on day one.
Heard @oneilstrength say this during intern orientation yesterday here at @cresseysportsperformance. I agree with all of it.
Before you start shouting at me about appropriate training session length, please note that this is specific to OUR semi-private model. I promise you it wasn’t my intention to question your 60-minute personal training sessions. Promise.