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This is not a mirage😍 Huacachina is South America's only desert oasis and we are the only bus company who can drop you directly into this hidden gem😉
Who do you plan to visit this extraordinary oasis with?😉
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The crystal clear waters of Laguna Humantay are a spectacular sight💙. Your reflection in the turquoise water makes you feel like you have been transported to the Caribbean Sea😍.
Who will you travel deep into the Andes Mountain with for this magical experience?😉
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Along with Machu Picchu, The Rainbow Mountain is one of the most popular attractions of Peru🌈 While the colors of the traditional clothing clearly stand out across the country, the Rainbow Mountain is naturally bursting with colors spread across the mountain.
Have you ever witness nature so colorful?😍
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Machu Picchu is a special experience for everyone❤️ Here at Peru Hop we want everyone to have the opportunity to know this incredible and mystical place😍. We will be sure to bring you to its base, Cusco (with many adventures along the way😉).
If you have any question about our passes, don’t hesitate to email us at info@peruhop.com! We will be happy to advise and recommend☺️
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With Peru’s diverse land, Peru is the perfect place to travel😍 From hiking across colorful mountains🏔️ to surfing the highest sand dunes in all of Latin America🏜️. But it is the rich culture that makes it so wonderful❤️
The colorful traditional clothing of Peru can be seen worn by the locals, even deep in the Andes Mountains😍. What is your favorite Peruvian tradition?😉
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Did you know that some of the best salt in the world is produced in the middle of the Andes? In the Salt Mines of Maras in the Sacred Valley, Peru🇵🇪 The salt pools are visually spectacular and shouldn’t be missed!😍😉
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One of the many reasons why Cusco is enormously popular with backpackers is its location. Located in the ‘Sacred Valley’ of Peru, which makes it a useful base for exploring Machu Picchu and other local Inca sites.

Are you ready to explore the charming cobbled alleyways of Cusco?😍
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Happy International Women´s day!💐
We are so proud to say that 65% of our Peru Hop passangers are women! Here’s to them today! And all adventurous women out there who travel, explore, and are not afraid to follow their dreams!
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Peru's two most prized possesions.. Machu Picchu and the llama😍
Discovered only 3 years ago and now listed in the National Geographic's