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Pavlov: here’s your nice big rug
PavDad: I said I wanted a nice big hug
Pavlov: well this this is awkward...
PavDad: can I still get a hug
Pavlov: no.
We are in love with our new rug from @ruggable! Never thought we could have a rug that was so pet friendly. Their two piece system is perfect for Pavlov because it’s doesn’t slip (perfect for fetch and tug) and when it gets dirty we can easily throw it in the wash! Use the code PAVLOV15 for 15% your order!
Happy National #LoveYourPetDay! Pavlov has had a rough last week, recovering from a pinched nerve in his neck. While it's so sad seeing him in pain and not acting like his usual savage and playful self, it gives us comfort knowing that he has a wonderful team of vets and physical therapists who are helping us nurse Pav back to health. We appreciate all of your support throughout this process -- your love and care for Pavlov reminds us of how much joy he brings to the world. Thank you for loving Pavlov!
-Pavlov, Tram, and Anthony
[Cloudy Day]
Chibi: it just got so cloudy, wtf
Pavlov: wait, where the fuck did Geordi go?
Geordi: ʰᵉˡᵖ ᵐᵉ. ᵃᵐ ˡᵒˢᵗ ᵇᵉʰᶦⁿᵈ ² ᶜˡᵒᵘᵈˢ
[Leprechaun Meeting]
CEO: gold just isn’t motivating anymore, we need another incentive to get people to the end of the rainbow
Intern: I have an idea.... Corgis.
CEO: I have an idea... CORGIS!
*team cheers emphatically, intern gets let go after 9 months of free labor*
[dark bathroom]
Teen 1: *with flashlight under face* I heard if you say PAVGOD in the mirror 3x, Pavlov will appear
Pavlov: *appears* fuck u. *disappears*
Pavlov: I fucking love my son
Stranger: don’t say that
Pavlov: ok, fine. Fuck my son.
Stranger: that’s not what I meant.
(ᴶᵏ ᴵ ᶠᵘᶜᵏᶦⁿᵍ ˡᵘᵛ ᵘ ᴹᵒᶜʰᵉᵉ)
*Swipe for a BTS pic of us getting these 2 potato’s to sit next to e/o 🥔🥔
[Pavlov’s Eulogy]
PavMom: his last words were “my battery is low and it’s getting dark.”
Fan: no, that was the Mars Rover
PavMom: ok ur rite, his last word was YOLO before downing in a YOLO floatie
Some fun footage of Pavlov playing in the pool at @lychee_the_corgi’s birthday party!
[Valentines Date]
Pavlov: rozes r red, violets r blu, u tha thiccest bitch I know and I love u, Tofu
Tofu: *in love* how romantic 😍 #pofu
[Pavlov vs. @Furbodogcamera]
Pavlov: I'm watching you
Furbo: *I'm watching you*
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[Valentine Date]
Pavlov: I got u some flowers
Date, a baker: I said I wanted flour #ad
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[Swipe for the Weather Forecast]
Photo 1: ☀️
Photo 2: 🌤
(Plz boop the snoot)
[Pavlov, drowning]
Pavlov: r u not gonna save me
PavDad: the water is 12 inches deep, just stand up
Pavlov: easy for u to say, fucking save me