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This will the last post from @thrainnko for now, hope you've liked it!
All the way from East Iceland:
What's up folks, @thrainnko here once again with the third and last post from Faroe Islands for now. Went for a sunset shoot at one of the most visited spot on the islands but ended up with this shot in a complete opposite direction. It really doesn't matter where you are or which way you look when you're there, it's almost a given that you'll see something epic. The sheep there couldn't care less about that sunset though, really kept it cool. Tomorrow we'll switch over to some Iceland adventures, stay tuned.
This one was shot on Olympus E-M5 mark II and the 7-14mm f2.8 at 1/320s - f3.2 - ISO 200. #olympusXplorers #olympus #omd #OMDrevolution #olympuscameras