The only ultimate truth is that humans are both deeply the same and obviously different

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Although my camera is well and truly broken, I managed to capture this beauty at the beginning of the hike! So many more beautiful shots and views before the trolls tongue, the tongue itself is not worth an hour wait when there is so much natural beauty on the way. #trekking #hiking #norway #difficulthike #travelthings #fjord
Carrying spite, bitterness, resentment and hate weighs you down and weakens you. The struggle of war. #military #sas #sculpture #catch22
This photo captures the vibrancy, the movement and the warmth that I found in this Latin American dance by the sea in Norway. This old boy Sam flew all the way from Brazil for this community. He would not talk about anything else at our hostel, he invited everybody down, he wanted to share this passion and love and extend that to others. These are the best people. I stayed an extra night if in the case he didn't have a partner and joined him there (although it's a close contact dance and I like my personal space), but fuck it I surprised him there and he was so happy. This look on someone's face is so priceless. He found himself in this dance and this to him is his ultimate expression of life <3 What is it to live? If to not explore your passions. #forro #dance
Exploring these islands on the west coast of Sweden
Water is a human right. This cafe must be happy. #lawuk #humanrights Support #freehealthcare #freeeducation #socialsecurity #berniesaunders #joerogan
This architectural style #axelbuildings #architecture #copenhagen
It's better to be kind than to be right.
Stand (for) unity. Together we're stronger