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Thank you @k_subcon for the opportunity to participate the judging event hihi so good to see you all and have a great time hope to see all of you super soon hihi #k_subcon #ksubcon #cheyennetattooequipment
I!!!!! HAVE!!!!! WON!!!!! MY!!!!!!! GOOD!!!!!!! FREUND!!!!!!! #londontattooconvention2019 CHARITY!!!!!!! GRETSCH!!!!!!!! GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!! I!!!!!! AM!!!!!!! MUCHO!!!!!! HAPPY!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!! HIHIHIHIHIHI!!!!!!!
Halloween party at @littleladiesvintage was too fun a lot of strange moments gonna be busy the end of the month so we had to do it last weekend thanks for all who came out and for the ones that didn’t come out: you need to wait a year for this to happen again hihihihi hihihihih hihihihi #socool #toomuchofun #monalisa #monalizwasdasheeett
So I don’t know how to use Instagram so I have to make another post hihihihi
I VANT TO VIN!!! #Repost @inkfairy_analog with @get_repost
大家好!在新的印製畫出爐前,我把新的作品印製成畫布特別版🔥🔥只有一個🖤🖤非常感謝一直以來都很支持我的大家,所以我想將這刺的畫布印製作品送給大家🙌🏻🙌🏻. ⚜️想獲得特別版畫布方法下:.
❷以公開形式分享此文章到instagram 現實動態,並且標註我 @inkfairy_analog (無標註及不公開帳號不算喔).

Missed out on this one I think Guido is seeing something in the dark that we don’t wanna know hihihihihihjbi
Happy birthday @cheyenne_tattooequipment glad to be part of the family and hope to keep growing with the family thanks to all the bosses and coworkers from the begging of my time till today let’s celebrate this Thursday with proper(heavy) drinking(chugging) for the superior quality and advanced technology our #cheyennefamily has to offer hihi
And can’t thank you enough boss @julian.siebert und @bella_isadora_official making Munich such a beautiful place too bad the wasser park cannot take pictures otherwise we have a lot of funny moments and the show was insanely fun the food tastes too good miss you guys so much we will meet again many times next year hihi
Met many old friends too much fun thank you #cheyennefactoryday hihi
Thank you Rina for Being such a good friend we shall meet again sooooonnnnn!!!
So in Munich Catherine and Alan decided to give me this as a present I love it it’s lederhosen at seaworld super cool
I have to say you are very beautiful hihihihihi hihihihihi