massive chick wit a [REDACTED]


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Pull that shit and we ain’t friends anymore
Send this to someone who posted about the amazon on their story
Steve burns down the Amazon Rainforest and is singlehandedly responsible for the Instagram stories of millions of white girls
Drop an F for Spidey 😰

Song: YNG Martyr - Back and Forth @yngmartyr
Pewdiepie finds a Minecraft wife🥺

I grew up watching this man, and he’s helped me out with this account a ton. I’m genuinely happy for you Felix y’all look great

Also @jeffswiper did something similar first
Shitpost Tuesday baby let’s get it
Can someone give me their weed card please
Tony would’ve lived if he hadn’t looked right at that shit 
Also this is officially my ten thousandth endgame related post, so I think that deserves some celebration
This is 100% true unless you like this post. 
All likers will receive one free loving partner

Idea stolen from that one tweet
Poor kid just wanted to ask a question cmon @ninja wtf
8 second shitpost, please click like
I had to download Flying Gorilla to record this gameplay, and let me just tell you, that game is a masterpiece