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Uuugh, I’m not finished! 🤪🤙
User kimchxn loves new seaso- oops🤭
Special thanks to: @mixasax ily💕
Happy bday sarah i lovr you babe💖🥺💞💓 @rawpox
mary, babe... step aside, my queen is coming🤪
ac/ib: aishteriu
repost cuz why not?!
my way will never change
for claire, bye
ac/ib: 94e
[they're precious]
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if she's psychopath, i'm psychopath too!!
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meal served.
collab with @tsukurma 
part 1: me
part 2: mari (ilu)
「f*ucked up」
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y'all sleep on tsukasa 
dt: only joy and olivia
do u know what is better than 2D kurapika?? yes 3D kurapika.
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part 1 mine
part 2 morgan