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Don’t mind me. Just gonna drop this #wip here and go. Okay, byeee ~
Practicing more on backgrounds lol ~
#jyundee #artwork #deletinglater

If you like to adopt this character, please go bid at deviantart.com/jyundee (there’s more info there as well regarding ToS and prices) 🦋 ~
Testing this market out to see if it fits me. If not, I’ll stick to commissions ~
#jyundee #characterdesign #digitalpainting #artwork #adoptables
Hello, I’m done 😗. This one was voted by my patrons. Who do you suggest I paint next? ~
I haven’t paint males in awhile, I sorta feel rusty lol
Finally done with SmilesAndMetaphors’s commission. This is his OC, Winifred Sawyer. Thank you for working with me again 🙏🏼 -
(Check out my story for the layer processes) -
It’s been awhile since I use pastel colors. I’m more used to darker tones. Which is why I ended up adding shadow to the bottom left, cause I just wouldn’t stop myself >0<
Halloween is right around the corner 🎃~
I wanna try making more artworks that test my environmental skills. Like a “candid moment” or something like that. I’m already struggling. Gosh, I’m not used to this. Lately, I’ve been inspire by @wlop I like how his picture is a messy style. When viewing it as the whole image, it looks  amazing :o
Hello! I’m back to using colors. This one is a commission work done for @katsu.ffxiv . It was a pleasure working with you! Apparently, I forgot about one more client, so this one isn’t the last 😅

Check out my story for the layer processes
It was enjoyable to paint this cutie. Who is your favorite character in Demon Slayer; Kimetsu no Yaiba? ~
This month, my patrons voted for Nezuko. Real-time painting video, high resolution, etc+ are at my Patreon. ~
As voted most by my patrons, here is a light tutorial. I try my best to not go too over board, so at least they can follow along if want to ~ thank you
Another commission work done. This one is for spacecoloniie via Deviantart. To the clients still waiting. I’m extremely slow because I’m trying to balance between real-life priorities, and personal projects, so I really appreciate your patience!! ~

Check out my story in a few moment for the layer processes ~
“On one summer’s day” 
Given by their interaction in the film, who else ship these two? I do 🙋🏻‍♀️ ~

Decided to paint Haku in his dragon form ~. If you guys don’t know. This is a fanart piece of the film: Spirited Away. One of my childhood fav x)
The last sign is finally done! Chinese zodiac: 🐉 (12/12) ~

@xiang.duan sculpture was used as ref for the dragon ~

Check out my Patreon for real-time video, HD, MDP files, step sequences and more! Thank you for your continuous support! ~

It was fun to paint the dragon, but it was a challenge cause I rarely paint one. That’s why I saved this sign for last Dx ~
Today is my birthday, and I turn 23. I don’t feel 23, and you guys probably don’t see me as a 23 year old lol. Anyways, just wanna say thank you to everyone who’s been supporting my artwork. Whether you just discovered me or have been supporting me for a long time, I appreciate it all. This year has been amazing! I love you guys! I suck at taking selfies, so I took a short clip instead ~

EDIT: Thank you all for the birthday wishes! 💓