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Ever since @sunmagna surprised me with the new set up... We have been obsessed with all the new noise we are making.  It almost made me late for my flight to KC tonight. (I'm lucky the flight is delayed)
‪Mary's adoption photo - gratefully @angelcitypits introduced us. @pitbullmary #NationalAdoptAShelterPetDay ‬
LOVE LOVE LOVING the nights at #kulakswoodshed. This venue is so intimate - like hosting a house concert in my own treehouse for my friends. Join us tomorrow (5/1) at 8pm PT at Kulak's Woodshed or online for the live stream! Sign up for my email list to receive the streaming link: https://juliaothmer.com/contact
Photographer: @frickinawesomerecords
The lights were part of a moving street art light display.  He said it looked like a super magic cosmic vortex.  I agreed.  We decided it was a good omen. Hopefully seeing it feels like a good omen to you - sending you good omens and good wishes and good vibes -  may we all get a little extra wind in our sails today for whatever it is we are working on or working out - let it all go a little bit smoother, be a little bit easier with an unexpected and happy surprise of inspiration.  Have a mega kickass day.
Happy Friday!
#tbt Getting into character for the video shoot for “Hungry Days (Make Me Feel)” - the scene with this particular character did not make it into the final cut of the video - it was left on the cutting room floor.  Maybe I should post the clip?  It involves interpretative dance.
#WorldBookDay! If you know me at all, you know that I love books and libraries. And I also love my neighbors and so it gave me all the chills and the thrills to see this lending book location in my ‘hood while walking with @sunmagna and @pitbullmary. 
My neighbors are beyond awesome - we need to get one up in front of our house. LOVE THIS. Seeing things like this gives me a greater sense of hope and optimism and the reminder of all the awesome people, like my neighbors, who are wanting to share some joy and create community. 
I love hearing optimistic and loving and compassionate stories. Share one with me. It could be like a feel good message board of awesomeness - so if I need to be reminded of a little love, I can just read in the comments below. Yes?
Getting ready for rehearsal.  Deciding which songs to add to the set list. I'm loving the process of this residency at #kulakswoodshed.  We get to keep building on the set. If you wanna join us - you are more than welcome.  We start at eight and play til ten this Wednesday (4/24). Come in person or join the live stream online... Oh yes.
Mary @pitbullmary called dibs on this one - a baseball cap left behind by a house guest, an abandoned bedazzled bejeweled be-[plastic]-jeweled baseball cap.  @pitbullmary loves it.  Fashion.  Alright.
Yet another reason I usually love the theatre - This is backstage in the dressing room of the awesomely vibe-tastic @osidetheatreco during the #SixStringSociety’s SOLD OUT Back to Paris extravaganza brought into existence by Mr. Kenneth Rexrode back in January.  It was a magical night - the audience was warm, the artists were open and present, and it just felt so good for all of us to be together.  Here’s to finding common ground.
I get so excited on concert days - I am thinking about the show tonight at #KulaksWoodshed, already getting amped up - I love performing so much especially when I get to play with amazing musicians such as the gentlemen who will be joining me this evening and for this entire series of concerts - Jamie Kime on guitar, Chris Roy on bass, and @AndySanesi on drums!!! And it’s really groovy to be performing in such an intimate community-oriented space. Tonight’s performance will be the first in a series over the next three Wednesdays - we are filming and live-recording and inviting you to be a part of it - there is a link to join us LIVE STREAMING in bio!  We will start at eight (pacific standard time) 
And our special guest this evening is a young woman AVA  from New York City where she recently was starring in “School of Rock” on Broadway!  I love being able to share my stage and build community among artists.  I think it will be a great night!

Kulaks is a unique venue so be sure to check out the Facebook event or my website for more details!! See you tonight - in person or online!