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I'm not sentimental. This skin and bones is a rental.

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Trained every day for the past two weeks with @glennholmesla but boxing at the rocky steps in philly before the gig was probably the highlight.
When someone asks where the other 19 pilots are
When the interviewer asks you about dema
If you watch insatiable season 2 you’ll be shocked be a few things. The first is how a grungy boy like me ended up with a princess like this in real life. And then you’ll be shocked be a lot more crazy and cool things. Watch my girl on insatiable on Netflix now.
Hello friends and also enemies. We’re on tour again starting tonight and I’m going to hit my drums as hard as I can. Here is a photo from rehearsal.
love to play our songs on the road and at home. this time at home but going to be on the road very soon. also always playing our songs with laser eyes.
good to dye young in europe
some photos of your son at work in france
tyler’s editing business is closed on sundays but mine is ONLY open on sundays. email me for inquiries.
switzerLANDED some backflips with my bud
area 51 for ramen with debby
news: Togg & Jogg fly around and save everyone at pool with vastly oversized towel capes.