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Have you ever heard of somebody getting spit on by a Llama🦙? It’s probably because they didn’t take time to build trust & the Llama didn’t like the energy.😅 Learning about the importance of calm energy is so important when interacting with & respecting animals thank you for teaching me so much always @cesarsway 🙏🏽🦙 #llama
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SWIPE😢 ⚠WARNING GRAPHIC⚠ Did you know this goes on behind the scenes of making Fairlife dairy products? This is Dakota think of him as the father of one of these animals in the videos being abused you may change your perspective.🐂❤️ These sweet animals being treated like equipment. I’ve had many accounts asked me to repost this & I didn’t want to for obvious reasons💔 I think it’s important for us with these platforms to be spreading awareness on this though❗️It’s easy to be closed minded when you don’t have the images to go along with what’s going on in the dairy industry.🚫🥛 This footage was from one of the largest undercover dairy investigations and was released with all this proof so it’s not just “rumors” you can physically see for yourself. I don’t even understand how this type of abuse is legal. (It obviously is because of 💸 but that doesn’t make it right) Let me know your thoughts & please feel free to supply people with dairy alternatives! Can’t just tell people what NOT to do w/o offering alternatives & S/O to @arminvestigations for raising awareness to this. If you can’t cut dairy out completely try to limit it as much as possible. 🐄❤️🐂 @karmagawa @arminvestigations #AnimalLivesMatter #StopTheAbuse #endanimalabuse #arminvestigations #karmagawa #dairyIndustry #FairLife #FairOaksFarms
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A lot of relaxing while others overreacting 🌊 @fashionnova
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Never apologize for how you feel, it’s like being sorry for being real..💭
Looks like you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me😇🦋
Loved getting to know Rio she was a rescue from the Malibu fires❤️ So amazing that such beautiful animals such as Macaws exist! How crazy they can live up to 90 years❗️🦜 🥰 @cesarsway @martin_depict 📸 #Rio  #Macaw #RioTheRescueMacaw
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