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@taylorswift tellin' us to calm down. We're like, these colors though. 🌈 // 📸: @jesseszewczyk #f52grams #pride
Things are heating up outside, and we're feeling a little... toasty! ☀️🕶🏖 Whether it's a simple buttery, crusty slice or something a little more finessed (like this egg toast with trout roe!), send us your toast noms by tagging your pics with #f52toasty, and we'll share them throughout the week! 🗓 // 📸: @meatballssmama
From contributor @emily_c99: We're here to tell you that you need to keep pepperoni in your fridge at all times. 💥 No, it has nothing to do with pizza—even though we love a good homemade pie loaded with pepperoni and cheese. It has everything to do with our new favorite way to eat pasta: covered in hearty, spicy, fiery-red 🔥pepperoni pangrattato🔥. For the recipe, tap the link in our bio! (📸: @juliagartland)
When our special projects editor, @brindayesterday, challenged herself to eat entirely plant-based meals for a month (no yogurt, eggs, cheese, gelatin) she had to get a lot more thoughtful (and creative!✨) about her food choices. Where she'd usually throw in a soft-boiled egg or garnish with a few nubs of cheese, instead she pressed tofu, marinated tempeh, and roasted jackfruit. Thanks to a handful of powerful recipes—including these Baked Sweet Potatoes with Spiced Lentil Salad & Lemon Tahini Dressing—she learned ways to make vegan meals flavorful and filling. 🌿🥰 For all thirteen recipes, tap the link in our bio! ✨ (📸: @tymecham)
PSA: a charcuterie board is (continues to be, eternally) a perfect way to dinner. 💁‍ // 📸: @snixykitchen #f52grams
Catchin' some rays. Happy Father’s Day, everyone! ☀️// 📸: @fullbellyblog #f52summersundays
Say 👋 to your new summer go-to: @joshuabkchef's grilled chicken thighs. With a sweet-’n'-tangy marinade (thanks, lemongrass, 🌶, brown sugar, and lime) that doubles up as an extra-silky glaze, these easy chicken thighs fit in on any 🍽. There are a million and one ways to serve ‘em—from crisp lettuce wraps to a banh mi-inspired 🥪—but our favorite’s got to be over a simple bed of 🍚 with a sprinkle of cilantro. Get the recipe at the link in our bio, plus more tasty ideas for how to eat them. @justbarechicken #f52partner
From contributor @grantmelton: A picnic without potato salad is like Thanksgiving without stuffing. 😱 It’s quintessential summertime grub. It’s hard to imagine a red-checkered tablecloth draped over a picnic table without a giant bowl of potato salad weighing it down. 🥔🧺 The only problem with classic creamy potato salad is that it always includes mayo, sour cream, or some kind of dairy, which isn’t something everyone can partake in. Surely you could forgo the creamy potato salad for a vinegar-based one that everyone can eat, but why compromise when you don’t have to? This potato salad checks both boxes in one creamy, dreamy dish. For the recipe, tap the link in our bio! 🌤✨ (📸: @jamesransom_nyc)
Seven. Layer. Hummus. 👑 // 📸: @heartbeetkitchen
Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers. ✨ Send us your best summer-ready dishes with #f52summersundays and we’ll share our favorites all week long. ☀️ // 📸: @vanillaandbean
These ribs are @ericjoonho's father's specialty—and the only thing he knows how to cook. They grill up hot and fast, perfect for lazy summer weekends, and when they came out of our test kitchen a couple weeks ago, the entire office descended on them like happy vultures, muttering, mouths half-full,
You might recognize this mini dynamo as the slightly, well, teensier version of Staub’s beloved workhorse fry pan. It’s oven safe up to 500°F (think: all the personal sized pizzas, cobblers, frittatas, meatloaves, and deep-dish cookies you could ever wish for) with a smooth-enamel base that works on all stovetops. The slightly rough texture means it’s aces at browning and best of all, it’s already seasoned. 🥰 To make it yours, tap the link in our bio! (📸: @goodcomag)