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📸 @matiasderada - Egypt 🇪🇬 once again has blown me away. The way of life here is so unique and the people of this beautiful country are filled with such a vibrant energy. #earthoutdoors
@intohimoni - The cliff formations of the Faroe Islands are just something else 🤯

@braybraywoowoo - I spent the last 3 days travelling through the Bolivian Highlands to Salar de Uyuni.
We started in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile and travelled by 4x4 through some of the most amazing landscapes I’ve ever seen!
Swipe through this series to see what these 3 epic days looked like! 🤯
1. The otherworldly Salar de Uyuni just before sunrise 🌅✨
2. Natural geysers spurting out of a Mars looking landscape 👽
3. Some friendly foxes out in the middle of the desert 🦊
4. A very dramatic scene at Laguna Verde ☁️
5. Freddy the llama trying to blend in with a flock of flamingos 🦙
6 & 7. A flock of flamingos in Laguna Colorada. Can you spot the imposter? 🦆
8. A vicuña standing in front of a massive volcano 🌋
9. Árbol de Piedra AKA a tree made out of rock 🌲
Utah, you’re looking good! Who want’s to go?! This incredible shot was taken by: @klarajohnson_photography #earthoutdoors
@chrisbeetham - Talking shop.
📸 - @davidmrule - I can’t believe I’ve only seen 18 of the 6000+ cenotés of the Yucatán. This jungle is full of more wonder than a single human could possibly see in a lifetime. Of the cenotés I saw though, this one was definitely one of the biggest and most picturesque. During our scooter voyage, @yanayogatulum and I drove an extra hour just to see this thing, which was super sketchy seeing as how we had already broken down twice. Backflipping into the turquoise blue cenoté sauce definitely made the journey worth it! #earthoutdoors
@robin.wittwer - Anzeige | Welcome to the Faroe Islands! 🇫🇴 Already as a little boy and long time before I started the photography, I wanted to visit the Faroe Islands. Therefore, it’s most special to me to be here currently. It’s hard to put the first impressions into words - this place is truly out of this world!
@cosmokoala - It is those moments we seek for. Moments of pure excitement.

@jakesout - I remember 2 years ago arriving at this spot after the long hike in. I didn’t have the best gear and my back was killing me but you stop thinking about all that when you see something like this. Happy to say this year I was much more prepared and still as blown away by this place. Already thinking about next year! Whose down?
@michael._.corona - 🌲BLACK FOREST MOOD at its best 🌲

Artist Spotlight - @giuligartner  This gorgeous waterfall is located in the heart of Lesotho which is a country inside of South Africa. After a few hours of driving on a windy road and a few directions from the local people we found this little (not that little really) gem. Thanks for snapping this moment @thewandertravels !
@merrwatson - All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadows ✨