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Clearly, when a building is designed to its minuscule details, any angle would potray beauty. One photogenic house in Cipete by @atelier_riri
When light comes into the interior, shadows are inevitable. Beautiful light and shadow in Cipete House by @atelier_riri
Playful might be a suitable word to describe one of @atelier_riri projects. The house in Cipete makes use of colour, volume, and texture to compose its intricate and interesting facade.
The whole property of @intercontinentalbaliresort is perfect for lazy days and enjoying the sunny weather. Double swimming pools, vast lawn for sun tanning, nice shaded spot for a book or two, three days or four could easily pass by staying here. During the dry season, or even wet season when you are lucky, the sunset should never be missed-- a perfect sight to end the day.
The best thing about hotel with good design is that it will be well-kept so all guests could enjoy being in the hotel as if it it has just opened. The interior of @intercontinentalbaliresort is one of those well-maintained resort, moreover after the revamp. Really love the local craftmenship that is imbued to the interior details that assured me being in Bali.
I can easily say that @intercontinentalbaliresort is my favorite place to stay in Bali. A well-aged resort, Intercon Bali perfectly potrays local luxury at its best. The property has undergone a subtle yet nice uplift of its interior to stay updated to the present design trend. I am also quite amazed by the beauty of Jimbaran Beach at the back of the resort that I once underrated. The staffs? Professional and make you feel at home.
The guest rooms provided by @lloydsinn Bali don't fall short of good design details. Especially if you are a minimalist, the lack of decor, bare concrete floors, and subtle lightings of the room will give a pleasant spatial experience--distinctive from what a typical hotel usually has. With the property being tucked away at the end of an alleyway in Double Six, Seminyak area, @farm.sg designed the rooms, like this pool suite, to be a perfect tropical retreat amidst the crowded neighbourhood it belongs to.

PS: Please pardon the little munchkin. 🤣
This very spot at @lloydsinn Bali, the concrete bridge, has since been the sweet spot for many travellers' Instapost. What makes it a good spot for taking pictures? Leading lines, check. Possible shadows and highlight, check. Muted background colours for these days outdoor photo trend, check. @farm.sg sure knows what's best for a viral photo spot to look like.
@lloydsinn Bali, which is designed by @farm.sg could be deemed as a designer's retreat, moreover for those who have a thing for concrete like me. One of the hotel's most prominent features is the hanging and undulating concrete bridge on the upper floor that connects the guest room area to the swimming pool. Below it, an open courtyard is filled with nice coccoon-like rattan loungers shaded by a couple of lush trees.
Interior design surely could affect one's spatial experience. @nimara_architects makes sure that although the rooms are sized between 13-15 square meter, guests could comfortably stay inside and still do some stretch. The architect could even include a dry garden on the rooftop area of Odori Hotel. What a good use of space!
@nimara_architects' task to house as many guest rooms in Odori Hotel as possible turned into a nice interior layout, thanks to the idea of using split level system. The result? Less area for vertical circulation, generous void area, hence the natural lighting, and moreover the feeling of spaciousness within this small building.
Odori Hotel by @nimara_architects is one unique hospitality project built within a residential neighborhood. Built on a very limited plot of land, it is interesting to see the interior could still feature ample amount of natural lighting.

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