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Chef life. Avid lover of hot dogs, grilled cheese obsessed, and big fan of French onion soup from diners.

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Cauliflower, slow roasted. Served on an insanely delicious purée made from the stems, and butter, and cream. Cause why not. Finished with wine poached raisins. Olives are epic for this, but not for this plate. Cauliflower and Raisins are one of my favorite food combos. #vegeterian #beautifulcuisines #truecooks
End of an era. For me at least. This is the last time you have to hear me repeat the word decadent over and over.  #instaeat #huffposttaste #heimish #deli #kosher #overweighthipster
When I first joined @thepomegranatemarket my peers laughed at me. All my dreams and philosophies seemed to clash with working in what they referred to as a “deli”. But after many years, what feels like a life time. I can honestly say, Pom is far more then a deli, it is a place where good was never good enough, where every day we ask ourselves, what can be better. What should be better. It’s a place where no expense was spared when it came to improving products. The best ingredients, the latest technology. Pioneering ideas in supermarket food both kosher and not. We weren’t afraid to be the first. Pom allowed me to help change the worlds perception of kosher food. To show people that kosher dietary restrictions aren’t a limitation. But a challenge I proudly took. An opportunity to learn. Personally, it’s with a heavy heart that I’m moving on, taking the next steps on my journey. I’m nothing but grateful to everyone who has worked with me and helped me realize my visions. Especially Abraham Banda who not only gave me the tools, but the inspiration to keep pushing boundaries. Pomegranate will always bring me that sense of home, and I’m looking forward to watching it grow and continue revolutionizing the kosher food industry.  Stay tuned...
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Yeah, I known the whole black with blue doesn’t look great in this lighting. Getting dressed is a struggle, what can I say. I sound a bit like an infomercial today. I always wanted to do infomercials. Someone has to be there for you at 4 am when Seinfeld reruns end. #deli #kosher #instaeats #huffposttaste video by @chefchaya  Look Chaya. I tagged you!!!!
Herring walls and kitchen ottomans. Gonna have a chopped liver couch. #herring #deli #instaeat #instaeat #huffposttaste #kosher #deli #sukkot #heimish
Box of jerky. No need for urban dictionary. It’s a box filled with beef jerky. It’s one of those foods that in the kosher world are a luxury but in the real world is more of a necessity. I think if kosher people tried a real slim jim they wouldn’t be in a rush to recreate it. But this stuff is different. A little chewy and still tender. Kinda like a nice middle ground to get started on that dried meat addiction.  It’s also really easy to sneak into your suit jacket when you need a snack during the Rabbis speech. Do Rabbis still give speeches in shul? Does kiddish club still exist? These are the questions that I ask these days. Next time someone calls you a box of jerky. Say thank you. It’s devious. Bags of jerky coming real soon. I really just wanted an excuse to use this super cool packaging.  #jerky #beefjerky #kosher #instaeats #instaeat #curedmeat #heimish #truecooks #deli
Top Five Movies that most influenced my culinary career. 1. Ghost Word. 2. Empire Records. 3. Singles 4. Eddie and the Cruisers. 5. Almost Famous. They also have epic soundtracks. I was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last night. The original animated version. We started at episode 1. While enjoying @alenbikitchen take out. Which I ate too much of. Thank you @chef_elior_balbul @judaschlass and @chefyos. While stuffing my face I had a question. Mostly about creative process. I wanted to understand how someone dreamed up such a brilliant concept. Not only are they mutant turtles. They’re teenagers and they love pizza. That’s like 3 brilliant characters in one. Well really 4. There are 4 turtles. And a giant rat. Honestly. I felt bad for Splinter. No one takes the rat seriously enough. And what kind of rat raises 4 baby mutant turtles to save NYC. I mean this is brilliant writing. I want to do a TMNT themed tasting menu. Maybe I’ll start small. With like a TMNT pizza party. By the way. It’s week one of supreme. So if anyone has a plug. Let me know. Actually don’t let me know. It’ll just disappoint me in the long run.  #heimish #food #huffposttaste #teenagemutantninjaturtles #supreme #hypebeast #chef #truecooks #pizza
Buttered Pasta: Long before I wanted to cook. I wanted to be Meatloaf. I remember listening to “Bat out of Hell” for the first time. That album was an opera. And since I heard it, I wanted to write one . Full on love story beginning, middle, unresolved ending. If there’s a happy ending there’s no room for a sequel. I wanted to make a career out of rock operas. Plus Meatloaf was really fat and had long hair. Everyone used to say I looked like him. I was really happy with that. I just can’t sing. So instead I decided to become a cook. Ironically, I’m not a huge meatloaf eater. Now I started off trying to complicate things. I wanted a plate opera. Tons of components. But none of them perfected. My parents didn’t want to send me to culinary school. They didn’t want to support something not kosher. I totallyrespected that. Instead I chose bread. It was a safer kashrut bet, and my parents paid for it. After I tried the whole teaching high school English. We’ll cover that another time. Bread brought me to California. Now Northern California is a magical place. It’s the first place in the US with 7$ loaves of bread and 20$ a lb butter. People like simple there. It’s where I got into indie music and simple food. 3 or 4 ingredients, it would taste better then anything if eaten before. It’s where I realized I’d rather be Dylan then Meatloaf. It’s where I learned to cook pasta. This pasta. Basic good simple dried pasta. Cooked till almost al dente. Tossed in a pan with tons of good butter, pasta water, aged parm, and black pepper. If you teach kids about food. Teach them about the simple things. It’s comfort is universal. Its uncomplicated. It can be anything to anyone. So maybe start with Dylan on those long car rides. Ease into Meatloaf when they’re ready. Like when their date dumps them or something. They’ll be more receptive then. Just make sure to have a bowl of pasta ready. Cause let’s be honest. Pints of ice cream just makes you sick. I just realized. I posted a recipe. That’s a first. Don’t focus on 30 ingredients. Focus on the few that really belong together. Harmoniously. Do that and you’ll never make a bad dish. Or a bad decision.#huffposttaste #pasta #therapy
Grilled cheese. It’s important. It doesn’t really matter how you make it. It matters that you understand it. Everyone’s grilled cheese has an origin story. This is mine. I grew up in a loving home (see mom, I’m being positive) with a lot of siblings. Whenever I would get hangry (hungry/angry childhood combo). My mom would microwave American cheese and ketchup between two slices. When you are it straight out of the microwave, the cheese would be super gooey and the ketchup would scald the top of your mouth. The bread was soft, but as it cooled it would get chewy and crunchy (I love you science.). My comfort food was born in a microwave. As I grew older, wiser, and larger. I discovered that my comfort doesn’t have to change, but it can evolve. Over the years I have tried many grilled cheese. The one that will always be my go to will be the one in this photo. Partially because I made them for people that I really like. It’s basic bread, with cheddar and American, mayo on the outside of the bread. Slowly crisped in butter on the stove top. As the bread crisps. The mayo gives it this amazing crust. The inside becomes molten. I let it rest for a few minutes off the stove. Then I dig in. Then I repeat the whole process. Then I drink a lot of water because I feel guilty. Comfort should never feel guilty. But yeah, sometimes, it just does. You just gotta live with it, take another bite, and find that balance. Grilled cheese is all about balance. Maintain the right level of crisp and the right level of gooey. You’ll be left with happiness. So here’s to you grilled cheese. I love you deeply. Even if I don’t eat you all the time. I’m thinking about when I will. Don’t be jealous of hot dogs and pizza. They’ll never be you. They’re great and they’re amazing in their own way. But they’ll never make me feel like you do. It was nice to see you this morning. Now it’s water and kale for the rest of the day.  #huffposttaste #grilledcheese #emo #emochef #cheese #truecooks #therapy #overweighthipster #hotdog #truelove
I don’t do challenges very well. I also can’t dance very well, if at all. I do have a lot of questions though. If fresh linen was a food what would it be? I think it would be buttered toast. Buttered toast is usually always good. As long as it’s butter and not some fake stuff. The breads gotta be a little soft inside and nice thin crust on the exterior. Little splotches that are darker then others. It’s important.  I haven’t had a hot dog in a few weeks so I’m trying not to think about them. It’s tough though, cause I keep smelling bbqs. It’s not really about the hot dog though. It’s more about the abundance of condiments I put on top. The slaw, relish, ketchup, mustard, potato salad, Russian dressing, kraut, and sweet and spicy jalapeños. Yes. I make it all fit by scooping out the bun a little. But if you want to take it next level, do it on one of those kosher onion pockets. Those are amazing. Oh, we’ve also been working with all our cured meats. Creating some truelly unique products from some pretty cool cuts and proteins. Oh and one more thing, sometimes a hot dog is just a hot dog. Sometimes it’s the meaning of everything. It’s all about perspective and how confusing you’re making everything. It’s kinda why grilled cheese will always be number 1. Grilled cheese isn’t complicated and always comforting. But grilled cheese, like hot dogs will slowly kill you if you indulge three hours times a day. I don’t excel at moderation. But I’m ok at excel. I really like learning all the cool shortcuts. There’s a thousand you tube videos on it. Right between cooking videos, guitar tutorials, emo music from the 90s, there’s lays there mystical place where you can see excel short cuts. Check it out! #heimish #modernheimish #kosher #deli #beef #chef #hotdog #grilledcheese #huffposttaste #truecooks #overweighthipster
I’m glad this thing is finally over. Now I can get into all the gossip. By the way picking a winner wasn’t easy. There was a lot of arguing back and forth. In the end i left full. Yeah. I gained a solid 5 lbs during shooting. By the way, ever critique your moms cooking? Try critiquing 4 or them. Way to much guilt to live with. Im afraid to open a Bais Yaakov cookbook now. But I’ll get over it. I promise. Personally I don’t think the chopped formula is the way to go. Give them 8 hours to rock out a full on rosh hashana meal spread. Then we’ll see who survives. Plus I love apples and challah with honey. Or maybe, just  maybe we do a Yom kipper break the fast meal. And the surprise ingredient is hunger. Yeah. Make them work In a hot kitchen with no water. I think we’ll see truly amazing television. Or!!!!!! Do the chopped formula. But have like 10 little kids running around the kitchen and the slightly less frum son pushing their mothers buttons while she’s trying to fry schnitzel. Let’s go for that day time Emmy. By the way, put pastrami and puff pastry into any dish and you can all be winners in my book. Just not sure who is gonna  read it.  You can watch the finale here: kosher.com/foodfight

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