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Former Music Mogul / NIKE Athlete / Ironman / Creator of Quantopia (find the secret number) / Speaker Booking: [email protected]

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Dear Future Wife, I’m sitting here under the stars looking at the moon on a Saturday night..... I’ve tuned myself to a place of self love..... I just need you to as well so we can find each other.
world! I remember when I used to beg people to book me to speak. I remember when I would send 50 emails a day. Everyday! And now I get $30,000 a speech and I speak all over the world! My calendar is booked up for the rest of the year! I’m getting 10 requests per day... and I did it with a @gmail account and the law of attraction... I believed I could do it by myself! I believed bigger! I knew if I believed I was in demand! It would come! If you want to bring me into your company, association, conference, corporate retreat, sales team, direct sales conference, or college... email me ceocharlie@gmail.com
One day when I’m dead... this post will be remembered forrever. It’s like when nipsey died. Everyone went back to see he actually stood for something. Every word written on these 9 pages inside my magic notebook is my manifestation for a world I’m creating that will change peoples lives hundreds of years after I’m gone. Something that is bigger than me. Something that isn’t even mine. Something that is yours. This post probably won’t be shown on your profile because of the algorithm but that’s okay! It may take you 10 minutes to read everything on these pages but one day when I’m dead and gone .... this post will be the most impactful post I ever made. I’m telling you what I’m creating before it has even happened.  This is my heart poured into this Vision which is written on pages for you to understand. These are the founding documents of QUANTOPIA. THIS IS WHAT IT STANDS FOR. it’s deeper than you will ever know. It will make sense in 20 years, or maybe it will take 100 years. To me it doesn’t matter. I know what my purpose is in life... and it’s to unlock my brothers and sisters. To wake each one of us up and see our super powers just like how I found that I had them too! Every word on these pages starts the beginning of a revolution! Where we unlock from the “way things are” in the low frequency controlling corporations and media.... and we step into our quantum selves.
I can’t just complain about it. This is my manifesto for how I want to solve the issue for myself and for others
I don’t respect this. I’m not going to call him out publicly but quantum Citizens have been sending me this one perpetrator of Quantopia. Quantopia is free for all people. I created this to help unlock other people into their super powers like I have been unlocked when I learned about changing my frequency. If you get a message from anyone trying to sell you the phone number.... please ignore it. All you have to do is find another quantum citizen and they will gladly give it to you for free. In quantopia we reach our 2 hands back to bring 2 people with us into this secret world! You can also always hit up my mom @naomijabaley ... she has been gladly giving it to thousands of people. Bless her heart! She’s done such a good job replying to everyone. Love you ma!
MSNBC called and wants to interview m̶e̶ US about QUANTOPIA 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ ima find 5 quantum citizens inside Quantopia to help me with the interview. Its not about me... This is our Nation. I just text every quantum citizen asking for you guys help with the interview
For those who know... know #quantopia
I’d Prefer to be called crazy...... #Quantopia #SecretPortal
Dear future Quantopians. I know it’s not easy finding the number. My mom has been overwhelmed with thousands of messages and she types really slow. You need to reach out to other Quantum Citizens to get the secret number and portal code. Quantopia can only be accessed by word of mouth. The number shall never I repeat NEVER BE POSTED PUBLICLY ON SOCIAL MEDIA. We must protect quantopia. This is only for the people who are ready. Good luck finding the secret portal! See you on the inside
Every podcast episode is being deleted right now! I’ve created a secret world called Quantopia where all my episodes will live.... quantopia is a digital speakeasy. you can only find Quantopia thru a phone number. Once you get the number, it will send you to a secret website with a secret password that unlocks the world of QUANTOPIA. ILL NEVER POST THE NUMBER PUBLICLY AND WHEN YOU GET IT, I ASK YOU TO NEVER POST IT PUBLICLY. WE MUST PROTECT QUANTOPIA. The only person right now with the number is @naomijabaley
💭 InstaBlog inside the mind of Charlie : don’t worry if you don’t get likes on Instagram.... the algorithm would have limited Jesus too
I learned this from dealing with DJs in the music Industry. I hope this video helps you with ur mindset when your are getting rejected the first 6 times! It’s my passion to spread this knowlege to conferences, associations, sales teams, colleges, corporate events, and small businesses. Bring me to come speak and I promise you’ll walk away thinking that was one of the most impactful speeches I’ve ever heard in my life. My booking is Ceocharlie@gmail.com