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Punjabi | Systems Engineer | @infosys | Pune Made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions. Writer : @craving.nirvana #anubhavdawar

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When Rajeev Raja said,” Tum jaise chutiyon ka sahara hai doston..!”
I fucking felt that! ♥️♠️
I had cried my heart for someone, and 
handed over my soul wholeheartedly. 
No matter what they did to me, I loved 
them with all I had. While being chipped 
and broken again and again more than 
the times I can remember, I still had 
that courage to put my pieces together. 
And with every time, I put them in places 
they’re meant to be, I emerge stronger. 
And the type of evolvement I’ve been 
going through is filling me up with 
dignity and fearlessness. 
And all this while, I’ve been learning to fight alone, beyond the boundaries of my 
flesh and the type of person I’ve been 
becoming is no longer going to be 
tamed and abused in the name of 
humanly attachments.
I’m a soul on fire with everything so 
beautiful and impossible for anyone to  ever try to cage. 
I’m a storm brewing inside a skeleton, 
resilient and untamed. .
#anubhavdawar .
P.C : @engineerwhotravel
To everyone asking why we always have each other’s back no matter what. 
It’s because, Bros don’t let each other wander in the dark alone. ♠️
Happy birthday bro! ♥️
We might be rude to each other at times,
But we’ll always be real and that’s what matters. 
Thanks for always defending me behind my back, I know you’re the only one who does that for me. And thanks for always being there for me in all my thicks and thins. 
Cheers to almost an year of irritating the hell out of each other to supporting each other in all the blunders we ever make. 🍁
P.S. Thanks for all those odd time pastas and omelettes and ofcourse the midnight pakores 😛
Looking for more 😛♥️
I mean looking for more and more ways to bother you. 😂😬♥️
Happy birthday bro! ♠️ Love ya! ♥️ ♾
I’m always a bike trip away from a good mood! ♥️♠️
📸 : @abhi__179
Haan toota tha,
Kuch pal ke liye..
Par ek ek tukda uthaunga..
Chal ab tu bhi dekh..
Main kya khoobsurat kissa banaunga..! 🍁 .
हाँ टूटा था, कुछ पल के लिए,
पर एक एक टुकड़ा उठाऊंगा,
चल अब तू भी देख ,
मैं क्या खूबसूरत किस्सा बनाऊंगा। 🍁 .
📸: @engineerwhotravel
And I’m coming for everything,
They said I couldn’t have. ♠️ .
Candid 📸 : @abhi__179
Bigdi bnaane ke liye khuda hai..
Bani bigadne ke liye kuch yaar hain Jigri..!! .
Missing : @dhillon_rajandeep 
Behind the lens : @alekya_smartz
Though Made of mistakes, and entangled 
with friendships, some fake still a few real. 
He who knows, the world is selfish but 
in the midst of all, still he stood 
compassionate but fierce.
Apni hi ki galtiyon se bana hu main..
Haan jhuthi, toh kuch sachi yaarion se juda hu main..
Jaanta toh hu matlabi hai ye duniya..
Magar yahin kahin bematlabi sa khada hu main..
-Anubhav 🖤
P.C : @shreyaa41

Apan toh paani hain paani!
Jo theher gaye kahin toh
Sad jayenge. Bas behne do. 
Kyunki Rukna toh hai hi nahi hai! .
PC @_aniket_polekar_
आफ़ताब सा हूँ मैं ज़िंदगी
तेरे दिए अंधेरो से उपर ऊठ
फिर जगमगाऊँगा मैं। ✨
Aaftab ( Sun ) sa hun main zindagi..
Tere diye andheron se upar uth..
Phir Jagmagaunga main! ✨
PC: @_aniket_polekar_ 
Insaan nahi, Umeed hoon main..!! #anubhavdawar
The difference between men and boys
is the price of their toys! ❤️ .
#rideoftheday #candid