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WHY I switched to plant PROTEIN 🌱🌿 🌱 ⁣
I decided to make the switch to @blessedprotein_ausnz because I was getting a lot of bloating and an upset stomach from having 2-3 scoops of whey protein a day. I had been following the same nutritional program for quite a long time and I felt like my body needed a change. So I cut back to 1 scoop of Blessed protein a day after training and I have been feeling really good. Now I have been on it for over 6 months and still enjoying it! Here is some more information if you want to give it a try!⁣
🌱23g of protein & 4g of carbs ⁣
🌱Essential Amino acids ⁣
🌱100% Sustainable raw ingredients ⁣
🌱Gluten free, Soy free & Dairy free⁣
🌱Delicious flavour and filling without bloating
Happy Sunday!! Take a moment to be proud of what you have accomplished this week! This is the best time to make plans towards achieving your goals for the week going forward. Make plans, make it happen! 🐍 🌟📸 @harrylhgfx
Which one is your favourite?.. 🌴☀️🌊💕 When the scenery is so perfect every photo looks great! Take me back to paradise!! @wickedweasel
Squad goals! 💕🙌🏼 Currently in Sydney shooting for @ehplabs_ausnz with my @wbffnewzealand crew @aliciagowans_wbffpro @maz_dan !!! Stay tuned!! SWIPE for more 👉🏼👉🏼
Be your own inspiration! 🌟✨⭐️ Continuously grow as a person and strive to be the best version of yourself! 📸 @toby.harrison
Trio SUPERSET Shoulder & Back session! Wearing @hawt_apparel set 💕💕⁣
💎Reverse Shoulder press⁣
15 Reps - 4 Sets ⁣
💎Barbell Bent over Row ⁣
15 Reps - 4 Sets ⁣
💎Lat Pulldown ⁣
15 Reps - 4 sets ⁣
💎Facepull with rope ⁣
15 Reps - 4 sets ⁣
💎Barbel 1 Arm Row ⁣
15 Reps - 4 Sets ⁣
💎long bar Bent over Row⁣
15 Reps - 4 Sets ⁣
Don’t be afraid to Fight for what you want! ❤️💯👊🏼 @spohphoto
Amy Lee Fit App update is now LIVE!!!!! 📲📲⁣
Gym, Home and outdoor routines with video and voice audio instructions.⁣
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Sweet treats. Calculated calories. Gluten-free, vegan & dairy free options.⁣
Workout or take a selfie with me in AR. ⁣
Learn more about healthy eating and supplements to make the right choices.⁣
Training and nutrition customised programs made to your personal needs and goals.
Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty to achieve your goals. The process to get to where you want to be means sacrifice, pain, patience, determination, being uncomfortable, being tired and so much more. It’s never a pretty journey but it’s worth it all! 💯🙌🏼❤️📸 @harrylhgfx 👙 @hawt_apparel
I love training every Monday morning starting my week with good routine and positivity! By doing so it helps me to stay motivated and stay on track! Your attitude determines your actions! Be positive and you will achieve so much more! 🙌🏼💯❤️🥰 @ehplabs has restocked their latest apparel! Get in quick! #ehplabs #fitnessmotivation
4 Weeks post @wbff_official worlds! 🌟👑💕 Checking in with @n8fitness to set my plans for my off season and next show! Last year was my first bodybuilding show and first time experiencing reverse dieting. I had no idea what to expect or how my body would feel post show. I had a lot of bloating and found it it hard to stick to a diet as I had been dieting for 6 months. By going through this I learnt a lot and I changed a few things with my last prep to make it easier coming out of it. One of the things I found that’s helped the most is to have another GOAL. A smaller goal to make my self more accountable and to help me stay on track. Also by mixing up my food more. I have been playing around with different proteins, meats and veggies so they I don’t get sick of the food and adding in different flavours. Going through this process is apart of competing. Something I didn’t think about until it came till after the show. My advice would be to have a plan for after the show so you know what you need to do. Don’t be hard on yourself, just try to find the right balance.
Grow that booty!! 🔥 If your want to grow your Glutes activation is key. Every set you need to make sure your Glutes are firing. If you have trouble with getting good activation it’s a good idea to do a warm up set first or a glute activating exercise. +
🍑Single Leg Press
15 each side - 4 sets
🍑Hip Thrusts
15 sets - 4 sets - Increase weight each set 🍑Hip abductor machine - Outer Thighs
15 sets - 4 sets 🍑 Hip abductor machine - Inner Thighs
15 sets - 4 sets