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Darkness can be a tricky deal. It can eat you up, and brainwash you like all the live for yourself vanished. It's a pretty lonesome meaning You have walls surrounding you and you can reach for the two of You can't even reach and then under need to get a home that you can build up to know the next . Only if it was that easy? I think people think that mental health isn't a real thing but look around you everybody is driven by emotion motivation and determination and if the one wire snaps everything is chaotic in somebody's brain. I think it's an awareness for myself even to realize that I can be a ticking Time bomb to and sometimes feeling alone it's the most scary part of the journey. It kind of sucks because draeger lifespan you think that everything might be okay with little rocks to stumble upon too but in reality there are more mountains and hills and volcanoes you have to go through in order to get where you are. And the sad thing is is that in that process you might just end up being in the dark tunnel or you don't see the end of it with even a light to guide you. Sometimes you have to break loose and open up the light that's inside of you, just don't let those naysayers tell you shit. 
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