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We might know her as Mrs South Africa 2018, Survivor SA Castaway or CEO of @luxuriaza. However she is a mom of 2 and a beacon of inspiration for woman of South Africa. 
@_nicolecapper unpacks her life behind the scenes and reveals her authentic self. 
Full Interview - https://myhealthtv.com

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HEY YOU. This one goes out to the young ones hiding their spark. Don't baby. Just don't. If they ain't talking, you're not really living. It might be your school mates talking. Your so-called friends. Those DM's that keep you up at night anxious. The small comments that stick like glue. Don't make them your labels. They're not the definition of you. They're just an angle and you choose how hard that angle slices you. Pick your tribe carefully and then remember their words. The others you throw. Far far away. It's taken me 34 interesting years to truly learn the freedom of knowing my worth and speaking my truth... Or shouting it sometimes. Without fear. Because when you raise your voice baby, you're giving another rising world changer permission to do the same. So go find yourself. Go shine. Go shake things up. And hold tight to these words of mine when the haters shake you back. And trust me you want it. It shows you're doing it right 😉
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Welcome to your best life. This is the version where you're less than perfect. You say mean things. Some of them you believe in. Others you did at the time but not in hindsight. This is the life where your shirt isn't quite straight and you didn't feel like wearing makeup and your hair is fluffier than a dandelion in spring. These are the moments that you speak your truth and you show your cards and you trust and dare and create. This is the part of life that defines your character and sets your path. And it's all the best bits. Learn to love what you thought was unloveable. Mostly the darkest parts of you that make you... YOU. Never shy away from your power. All of it. Run. Wild and free baby. Wild and free. Your destiny awaits.
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We got that upside down crazy mad love babe 🦄
Im tired. Of unnecessary rules. Unrealistic expectations. Tradition. For tradition sake. I am growing and nurturing world changers. Visionaries. Free thinking wild souls who prize kindness over correction.
Find something you love to do. Then do that thing a lot.
Just another day at the office...
Me, the mic & my man. 💋
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#emcee @thebattlecrossfit
Love this sport. Passion, power, humility, discipline, community. I was inspired. Thanks for having me.
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Bumping into the Queen.
You are LIFE.
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Miss South Africa 2019 💎
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