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If you follow me on Twitter you know that I've been in a horribly depressed period lately. There's nothing weird or shameful in that, it's just a fact. Just like we talk openly about having a broken arm or a sprained ankle, we should talk openly about this, it's just another part of you that's "broken".
After living with this for many, many years I've learned that it does eventually pass and it doesn't scare me to death anymore. It's still unbelievably hard and it eats you up from inside.

This time I got some unexpected help.
One night my phone vibrated and there was a message inviting me to spend the coming night in the most magical place.
Just me, alone in the dark subarctic night.

Here's the thing... I'm so afraid of the dark.
For real, yes I'm a night sky photographer but really, I'm terrified. 😄
Another thing, I suffer from severe social anxiety. Meeting new people is worse than any Korean horror film you can imagine.
And finally, I'm not spontaneous. I panic when I don't know what's going to happen. I'm the person who checks the menu at the restaurant online and decide exactly what I'm having days before I get there.

But I said yes.
Yes to going to a place I'd never been, to meet a person I had never seen and spend the night all alone in the dark in a forest.

And it was amazing.
Like breaking out of an invisible cage.
It's such a tiny thing for so many but I felt on top of the world that night. A joy that is hard to explain. And this in the most magical setting.
I'm so grateful. 
Here I am, I had just arrived. Sitting in the SkyNest pretending it's the ISS cupola, looking at the stars above thinking that this life is pretty amazing after all. ❤️ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #gramslayers
San Giorgio Maggiore is one of the islands of Venice, Italy. Its Palladian church and bell tower provide amazing views of Venice. The island can be reached by ferry and is worth the visit.
Photograph by @anthony_carley
— Los Angeles, CA
La Estelada at the top of the Volcà del Montascopa Volcano in Olot 🌋
The world can be a blur when you see it through the threads of faith. 
#kumbh .