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She is beauty, she is grace. She might bite you in the face. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #PerfectGirl #LiterallyTheBest #TrialPrep #4DaysToGo
Going through my pictures and just thinking about how much I am missing this place. California is such an amazing state to live in. We definitely have it all, but change is good. I think by the beginning of the year, I might want to explore something different. 🤔 Who knows... anything can happen.
21 lbs and 19 weeks of sleepy eye boogs #digoweekbyweek
Meet today’s #WeeklyFluff, 9-year-old French bulldog Homer (@tinyhomie) — who stretches daily and has recently adopted a healthier diet. 🥕🥕🥕
Video by @tinyhomie
Mr. Stinky taking much needed morning nap after all the hard work he put in to wake me up several times for no reason 🙄🐶🦄
Who else is glad that this heatwave is over?! 💦💧
🐶 Happy tummy Tuesday 🤗😝 #milkwasted 🍼
We have launched PuiPui's new web shop. shipping worldwide.
👉🏻link in my profile.
👑Photobook "PuiPui's busy day"
This photobook includes photos of PuiPui memorable moments. You can choose English or Japanese version of this Photobook.
👑PuiPui × @orangeapollo Collaboraiton Poach
This pouch was made through the collaboration between "PuiPui the bunny" and a super talented artist from Seattle @orangeapollo . *
世界を飛び回る たれみみうさぎのぷいぷい は今日も大忙し!そんなぷいぷいの1日を追った絵本仕立てのPhotobookです。
👑PuiPui × Orange Apollo コラボポーチ
シアトル在住の大人気作家 @orangeapollo さんとのコラボ!キュートなフラットポーチとペンケースです。個展では即完売した人気商品✨数量限定です。
Two times the tongue out Tuesday today! On Sunday I met my younger sister Hadley (some of you may have seen this in stories). Isn't she a cutie!? Scroll to see another picture and a video of us playing @barkdogbar!