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Esse final de semana eu tive a oportunidade incrível de viajar pra Belo Horizonte e produzir um conteúdo foda pro workshop do @vinimarquesph. De quebra conheci uma galera feraaa da fotografia mineira, fiz novos amigos, aprendi MUITO com a experiência de todo mundo, e fotografei umas modelos maravilhosaaas como a @gabialam dessa fotinho ai 😍. Brigadão Vini pela confiança no meu trampo 👊🏼.
Till the wick burns out
Craving a bit of twisty road today. This is Donna Buang Road, about two hours east of Melbourne and worth checking out if you’re a Victorian. Or if you’re not.
Sunset in Chicago.
last weekend ❄️
Not the sort of beach that invites you to put down your towel and enjoy the sunshine and surf. More one that brings about a sort of terror and awe at the magnificence of mother nature. I did actually go into the water, for about an entire minute and I have video footage to prove it ❄️
There is just something so satisfying about vineyards 🍇 perfectly lined up in a row.  New Zealand has some of the best wines in the world. More smooth and less bite - seems to take after where theyre grown, the flat valley and the smooth mountain 🏔 backdrop.
What are your thoughts on selfies outside super old cemeteries!? 😆🧟‍♂️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Also who managed to see my last post ➡️ and if you did, who stalked through all the photos to get to this gem haha 😂
↠ Do you guys often follow a mantra or what do you guys do to relax?
I like to go to an open place, close to nature and I prefer that it is windy.
The whole atmosphere makes me reflect and seek new energies, it is as if I have felt renewed after a period of silence.
↠ Vocês costumam seguir algum mantra ou o que vocês fazem para relaxar? 
Eu gosto de ir para lugares abertos, perto da natureza e prefiro que esteja ventando.
Toda aquela atmosfera me faz refletir e buscar novas energias, é como se eu tivesse me sentindo renovada depois de um período de silêncio.#35mm
If you help people get what they want then you’ll receive everything that you need in life. 🙌🏼📸 #Toronto
🌸🌸 Flowers in your hair 🌸🌸
Pretty pumped for the rest of Japan to catch up on these beauties! Come on Spring!
Isn’t this just magical?
I've been glued to my computer screen pretty much all day so here are a few shots of the picturesque streets of Aveiro on a gloomy day 🌦 hope you had a great start to the week 💫
What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy they said 🖤
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Terkadang kita butuh waktu sendiri untuk menenangkan diri 😐
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Fue un verano sin suerte de poder sacarle fotos nuevamente a las ballenas Jorobadas en el Canal Beagle. Esto un año después de haber sacado aquella foto cenital, ya con más experiencia y mejor manejo con el Drone no se me pudo dar, pero en auto homenaje el Kams, barco de @patagonia_explorer 🛥🌊. Será la próxima temporada ✨.
. .
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♡ ily ♡
throwback to one helluva road trip 📷: @mrodkingson
weekend explorations. 🧙🏽‍♀️📷✨ we stumbled upon this hiking trail that lead to the most stunning valley. It was dead silent, with the exception of the wind whistling thru the reeds and a billion birds singing the most beautiful songs. 🌎🕊🌿🔮#motherearth #happyplace 📷: by 👫 @c2collins
🌟🌈Monday feels 〰️#bornenough #giveadamnwithus