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Am I weird for liking wet leaves on pavement. I see so much beauty in this, the newly fallen and the decaying, the composition, the vibrant colours, just had to share it. I love my hood #surryhills
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Did someone say Burgers & Fries?🤤🍔🍟⁣
Would you be able to eat ALL of this alone?🤔⁣
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Do you think this burger is big enough?  Tucka (@tuckaburger) bringing us the Mark Tuckaburg, at Dinerama, London.⁠
You may have seen Tucka's burgers everywhere recently.  There is a reason for that... they're that good.⁠
Also, they've just moved into Dinerama (@streetfeastldn) (seriously walk in, first on the right, can't miss 'em).⁠
And yeah, I don't think this burger is big enough.  Which is why you also get it as a double patty, with double halloumi.⁠
Double the pleasure, double the fun, quadruple my cholesterol!⁠
Worth it!⁠
many thanks to @angelalikesfood for hand modelling this one for me!⁠
And to her and @mikeeatsfood for always setting up the AxM foodie events... even if it is on the same day as massive BBQ festivals 😆⁠
And yes, I still want this to be officially named "Jawstretcher" 🤣🤣🤣
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Danang can look like this too.
Danang’s beach aesthetics. There’s literally nobody on the beach during the day except for the foreigners who wants to bask in what feels like 41C sun (aka me).
After about a day of travelling, it’s my first official day in Danang & Vietnam. My Khe beach & Danang is being called the Miami Beach of Vietnam (NTY picked it as one of the 52 destinations for 2019). 🤷🏻‍♀️
Taking advantage of #tbt to post something from Whitsundays cos it’s gorgeous.
The view of Brisbane from Mount Coot-tha. The city is pretty distinct but I couldn’t figure out anything else.
Saigon really doesn’t have much to offer in regards to sights but it’s the special nuisances of being able to just be in the moment & be an observer of everybody/everything passing by, usually accompanied by a cold cafe sua da & tra da. #tbt
Rush hour against the backdrop of the sun setting.
Supper time at the local market. 
I returned in the early evening & noticed a new crop of food vendors lined up for the supper time crowd. It was quite an amazing scene of community. (I only got dessert because 5pm is hella early for supper.)
The spread at the local market.
A scene from Da Nang. I somehow got lost walking in this scooter/motorbike repair/supplies area. Just blocks after blocks of these type of shops and no food options in sight.. I’ve made a big mistake but I did like how the photo turned out.
The Dragon Bridge, Cầu Rồng, over the Han River in Da Nang. The breeze from the river was very much appreciated & welcomed in this 30C weather.
Flew into Danang & went straight to the huge local fresh food market Cho Market to check it. Danang has two personalities, this more smaller scale city & the My Khe Beach villa/mega resort side. Danang is for some reason hot to visit.
Here’s the thing about all these third wave coffee shops in Saigon, it will likely involve walking through a dark alley, up several dark stairs, & then to a floor with the newly repurposed gorgeous space. You never realized that you’re basically walking through a time warp where time has been frozen since the early 60s. This building lead to Vietcetera Cafe.
I’m sure I posted the Saigon Post Office before but what’s the harm in showing you an updated photo of it. Built in 1886 & a perfect example of French colonial architecture of its time.
Watching the traffic flow from the SB New World at the roundabout below on Ngã sáu Phù Dong. Pretty mesmerizing.
Morning in HCMC where everyone is having something before their day.
Scoot scoot.
Life under the unrelenting sun in Saigon.
Back into Saigon. It’s messy, gritty, & chaotic but I love this city.