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and it has begun.
Right place right time
Todo es cíclico, somos parte de procesos y momentos que hay que saber aprovecharlos día a día 🌊
Angle from an Alley.
🌴 Epic Sunset views in Turks & Caicos 🌴
The life of a creator at sunset gets hectic. Scrambling to get as many good shots as possible while also trying to get video content and then try to get the drone up all in the 30 minutes during sunset. Going from creating in the mountains to creating on a beach was a little weird and took some adjusting. From landscape to lifestyle, for me it doesn’t matter. I love it all. New environments means new ways of creating content and I love a challenge 👌🏼👊🏼
Es el principal centro religioso del municipio. Levantada durante el siglo XVIII, se encuentra en las afueras de Dílar, junto al río. En ella se venera la imagen de la Virgen de las Nieves. Esta virgen era tenida como protectora de montañeros y pastores. En el interior de la ermita se halla una decoración pictórica mural de importante valor artístico. #portraitpage #portrait #hypebeast #gramslayers #agameoftones #portraitstream #theweekininstagram #earth #portraits #instagram #moodyports #spacewheel #arts #helps #shotzthelight #hvmansouls #bravogreatphoto #fabulousshot ##portraits #djispark #globe #diewocheaufinstagram #moodygrams #artofvisuals #yourvisiongallery #ourmoodydays #worldofportraits #portraitgames #theimaged #lens_army #djispark #dji
I’ve been raising my own daughters before my grandmothers time. And they are smiling now. Because now, no mothers with gasoline pouring out of their hips are the leaders, now I am the leader. And I have gasoline pouring out of my mouth and from my feet. This is the revolution I’ve been pieced from. ✨ Indigenous woman child. Tell them this “I am too dark? Lick at my skin and taste the words of my ancestral women. My eyes are too round? Lick at my skin and taste the words of my ancestral women. You have no understanding of my name? Lick at my skin and taste the words of my ancestral women. Taste them. And may you drown in your own clouds. May you drown on words that fell out with ease to sting my heart. But it cannot sting. For my ancestral women have been waiting for this day. So, what took you so long?” #indigenous
epicenter (Prada)