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A little past 20 weeks!! We saw the baby today at my ultrasound and baby Teddy is looking great! And yes he’s a boy and that’s his name and this is as creative as I can get for a gender and name reveal because I’m drained #4thkidprobs 🙈 This dress is @shoppinkblush again and I love it. I’m taking all advice for middle names that go well with Theodore (aka Teddy) below ⬇️
Sometimes I have to pinch myself that this is my life 🙌🏻 being able to work from home is something I’ve always dreamed of. When I was in my teens I always looked at how blogging created an income, YouTube, etc. I’ve always been looking for ways I could make an income without having to leave the house 🏡 and two years ago I found one! 
I used to wish for a lot of things, but I never knew how to get them. Most times after paying all of my rent and bills, I had less then $5 left in my account. I would then have to ask my mom every couple weeks for money so I could buy groceries and everything else I needed - she is an amazing woman and helped me out every time, but I hated making that call. It made me feel like I had failed. Go to school, get a job, and start your career. That is what everyone told me from the day I graduated high school, actually even before that. I did every one of those steps and still couldn’t make it happen. 
I realized life is too short to be scraping by, and to be hoping and praying that one day I’ll be able to make ends meet on my own. I found another way, a different way, it may not seem conventional, it didn’t to me either but here I am two years later. I did the damn thing and now I can create my own life 🤗 
I’m 24 years old, I have all my bills paid on time, I don’t have to stress like I used too, I’m almost debt free & I almost have a four figure savings account. How many people in their 20s can say that? Not many and it breaks my heart. 
You can have the same opportunity I had, all it takes is a dream & stepping out of your comfort zone for 2 seconds to make it happen 💗 I’m just getting started, my team is just getting started and we are going to the top 💥

Your dreams matter. 
Your life matters. 
If you want to change your situation, I’m here to show you the way and guide you hand in hand. All it takes is 5 seconds of courage and a wish to change your situation 👏🏼
anybody else think i need to have another baby? 🙋🏼‍♀️😂 (this is not my baby) seriously though, give me all the babies!
she loves adventure✨
So proud of this kid.

He’s the best big brother to Finn and Dean. He’s curious, and reading before bed takes twice as long now, because he has a question about everything. It’s maddening and brilliant all at the same time. He is so imaginative and dreams up the best LEGO creations. He has the quirkiest style. He’s still in the bodily function joke phase and silly to boot. 
He makes my heart so happy.  #storytellingmama #thatsdarling #fourarrowsacademy #homeschool #wildandfree #livingbooks #summerreading #readingisfun #choosejoy #jomo #chasingslow #shelfie #ubam #usborne  #kanemiller #boymom #sweetwilliam #mysunshine #youmakemehappy
Life is a combination of magic and pasta - Federico Fellini
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Quick update to the cute little powder room. .
I've learned the hard way that the bathroom she uses the most must NOT have ceramic soap dispensers etc. These accessories came from @thecontainerstore.
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Sweet Summertime

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Just to be back was everything. 
Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.
~~mid week mode: some of our all time favorites here and been using this @diormakeup #backstage foundation a lot of late! Have a luminously gorgeous rest of the week, lovelies 😘 Look and feel your best, no matter as you’re uniquely you after all. .
What’s the best thing you love about yourself? Do share 💗
For us, it’s always about discovering and re-discovering ways of looking at beauty in life. We love that we still have a keen heart for that! 😉~~
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Living that #kinfolk dream with my sweet Elle-May
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No one is you and that is you power and I’m just a working mom who loves wearing the “mom jeans” and geeking out. 💁🏻‍♀️🤓👾 But on the real, mom jeans are so dang comfortable. Deets: http://liketk.it/2Drpm #liketkit @liketoknow.it #itsbanana #momlife