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TwoHead ect.
Caught my attention
Mengapa jika ditanya "mau makan apa?" Perempuan akan selalu bilang terserah?
Karena terakhir kali perempuan yang memutuskan mau makan apa, umat manusia terusir dari surga...
In frame : @annisatpp
@riyannurramdhani  X @denxarman_ .
@lumo_storage X @lumoclothing.co .
@explosureinframe_bandung .
1 or 2?
Just thinking about, can i have a coffee and breakfast like this on the monday? 🤔
Happy monday guyss! 💪🏼🔥
📸 taken by @rianbudisantoso luvv abis!
Lagi dong yukkk 💃🏼
Btw ini pake jepitan crown kado dari @vivialovido maacihh 😘
(Sorry reposting guys)
Anxiety // Love
Being anxious is normal...
Especially when it comes to
"Falling in Love"
🎶 Inspired by 🎶
🎥 Animation 🎥
📸 Photo / Edit 📸
⭐️ Model ⭐️
✨ Assistant ✨
Delicious soft ice cream 🍦
Wall of books 📚
The locks of Love. Ah, so freaking cliche.
Não fique no rascunho vivente!
Crie sem medo!
@lais_tom 🤟🏻
Shout out to my house for not being fucking haunted
Nikon D600 • 70-210mm f/3.5-5.6 • 1/1600 f/8 iso 100
Run, people! Run!
Más layerz!!!
Been itching for another trip. Every day I have the urge to impulsively buy a flight somewhere, but then I remind myself to be an “adult.”
Fallen angels directed by Wong Kar Wai
Spent the afternoon making some updates to my website. I’ve added a couple new sections and a ton of new photos both digital and film. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. #fujiframez (Link in Bio).