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‭My favorite character in my favorite book.‬ That’s what I think of when see this sign. Then I think of one of my favorite poets, and how his words always touch the lonely places inside me. Which makes me think about all the poetry I’ve read. 
All the poetry I’ve loved. Then I think of how much I love to read. Just about every genre. How much more I love to write. How much being a writer has meant. Carrying me through years, and emotions, and moments. Then I think how wonderful it is that a word can inspire so much thought. How beautiful words really are. Which inspires me to write, to feel, and to think. All over again. @atticuspoetry @madelinerose1234 @mothjournal14 @colby1_kenobi @theemmafenwick @john_eight32
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Take the time you need. But remember there's a whole world waiting for you to return. You have many things to explore and many moments to live. Don't miss those precious moments of your life because if you miss those evergreen moments  you'll definetely regret for that. Depression has probably convinced you otherwise,but there are people who need you. 💫
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Love Chains.
//Daily Love Poem Snippets & Quotes.//
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Indeed 💖
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You and I,
Two souls
As random as particles
Floating through thin air.
A ray of light
Shines through us
And we see each other.

We see each other
For the first time.
Or is it?
We aren't strangers
Though we should be.
Have we met before
In our random dance
Through space and time? "Who are you?" I ask,
Not to you but to myself;
For in you
I see myself.
Yet you're a stranger -
A stranger in the mirror.

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Another word for happiness is you🌹
It's six AM, and I was up all night
No amount of introspection holds the secrets to my life
Very nonchalant about it though
I mean, it's whatever
I know there's nobody I owe
And so I'm doing better
Totally at peace right now
Hopefully it last
Don't have a lot of energy right now
But at least I can laugh
And maybe I'm evolving
'Cause I've earned my thicker skin
I'm finding the point in solving the environment I'm in
I'm a real person, now I think that I can feel
Everything that used to numb me has left room for me to heal
I'm okay with myself
I'm okay with my mistakes
Life is more than empty promises, depression, and heartache
I'm listening to songs I like
From artist who still live
People who'll endorse my virtues over my vices
I'm hanging around people who don't see me as a chore
People that I care for and genuinely adore
I don't know man, maybe it is something in the air
'Cause suddenly I'm finding ways to work around how life just is unfair

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and the picket white fence, too.
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“Do you...wanna eat ice cream?” I asked now, but from all the time we’d spent together, You knew there was a back story, something i wasn’t telling me.
And knowing my mother, I knew there’d be a good-sized tub of Ice Cream. I nodded. “I’ll go get it after the game,” I said, then pointed my spoon at the TV, “Now pay attention. Barcelona’s winning.”
After the game was over,I opened the freezer while  still explaining the penalty shootouts to you, and pulled out the ice-cream
Although we would’ve been okay eating straight from the tub, the certain amount of domesticity in me chose today, of all days, to make its appearance.
I didn’t know it then, but this move would change everything.
Because the bowls I pulled out were not the small, dainty ones you serve single scoops to guests in. No – they were curry bowls, meant for idli-sambar, or noodles. They would fit three scoops each easily.
When I set them on the counter and walked to the other side of the room to grab spoons, You were behind me.
And then, without warning, or thought, or self-control,I blurted the words out into the air between us.
“Oh my god,” I said, “I love you.”
Much like the ice-cream, time froze. A fun but nervous energy was settling into the room and when you turned around slowly, my voice had turned into a whisper.
“You...what?” you asked, eyes wide, heart hammering.
And as I went on my knees with the Ice Cream bowl in my hands, “will you be The Racheal to My Joey I asked her, cause I’ll share my everything with you from this moment.”
And the next blink of an eye I was kissing you, as we sank down with tears, laughing. “Yes” you screamed, punching me in the face. And as I went on and cleaning our hands which were already full of ice-cream, I saw you dancing and screaming “Yes, a million times yes.”
I grabbed you and hugged you, and promised you every happiness in the world and sealed it with a forehead kiss.
That was the moment where it all started.
I still go the same place where we sat hand in hand and wonder where it all go wrong.
☼ ‘ why is it that we crave entertainment more than we crave enlightenment?‘ ☼
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Why would some of us rather dive into a TV series than the contents of our own hearts? Why would some of us rather fill the silence with things that distract us rather than cause us to think, to grow? 🌿
Highly pollinated, so potent that the heavens and earth reunited for the coming of a new era of bloom. It’s her second wind, make room🌻🌬
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