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hate will be deleted disclaimer: this may or may not work for you as everyone is different <3
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Have you ever tried cleaning your face with oil? I know it sounds weird but hear me out - it's the BEST.⁣
Using a cleansing oil doesn't strip your skin of its natural oils, which can both dry skin out further and cause oily skin to produce even more sebum.⁣
Oil cleansing deeply removes dirt and debris and even adds a lil' gentle exfoliation. ⁣
I make my own line of organic, non-toxic skincare products. Click the link in bio to check them out!
Celebrating skin health for over 25 years with 25 days of dermalogica product & treatment giveaways!⁠🌟⁠
Day 3: Multi-Active Toner⁠
Give your skin a hydration boost this winter with arnica & cucumber extracts with our light facial spritz. Spritzing #MultiActiveToner before you apply your moisturiser, delivers the maximum amount of hydration to your skin!⁠
When your skin is damp, it becomes more porous (think of it like a sponge), it absorbs more product!  By spritzing before applying your moisturiser, you actually use less product! #FunFact 🌟⁠
Stand a chance to win one of our amazing Dermalogica packages by telling us WHEN & HOW OFTEN you spritz to keep your skin refreshed with #MultiActiveToner 👇⁠
Let‘s talk sebum control and products that sadly don‘t work for me at all. 🍵 My sebum rather keeps them in control instead of them my oily skin. 🤷🏼‍♀️ The first product I tried and almost used up is the #Hylamide Pore Control, the Daily Visible Oil And Pore Control Serum.
I have used this for more than two months and sadly this didn‘t keep the sebum in control one bit and also didn‘t change the look of my pores at all. I have BHA products for that but that this didn‘t keep my skin less oily even for a bit was a huge letdown. Maybe it helped for ten minutes, half an hour but not much more. And then I can just skip the product alltogether. I still have maybe three uses left but also a backup bottle (sometimes buying backups too early even during amazing sales is a bad idea) and now what? 🤔

The second product is the #Whamisa Organic Flowers Sebum Treatment. This also can‘t control my sebum production one bit. Again maybe for not noticable ten minutes or half an hour again but then the same problem here: why bother? Here at least there are some nice fermented ingredients included so it still makes a nice morning routine serum but can‘t a girl get a product that really helps with her annoyingly oily skin?

Do you have oily skin and have found the magical product that can keep your sebum production at bay?

Sadly makeup primers don‘t do much as well, the same ten minutes/half an hour problem occurs with them, too. .
[ad because I mention brands . all purchased by myself]
Lavender mood 💜💜💜
Пост для любителей лаванды)
Новая линейка #botanicalsfreshcare от @lorealhair отличается от других линеек #лореаль по уходу за волосами. В составе нет сульфатов ( модификация, но не sls) , нет парабенов и силиконов. Состав действительно отличается. Так же как только вы его наносите, сразу же ощущаешь эфирные масла. Именно не ароматизатор, а эфирное масло.
Линейка с лавандой предназначена для чувствительной кожи головы и тонких волос. Вообще средства представлены в разных варианты для разных потребностей.
Самое первое - при наличии эфирных масел и кокосового масла средства не пачкают мне волосы. После использования волосы мягкие и приятные. Так же приобретают аромат лаванды 😍 Что же за доп.уход в формате масла для кожи головы? Это эссенция для успокоения и увлажнения кожи головы. Тут уже все очень индивидуально) лично я не раз слышала о том, что кожа головы зудит. Ну как минимум-релакс хороший , когда используешь это масло.
В чем особенности новинок?
⠀ ▪️Состав;
⠀ ▪️Наличие эфирных масел;
⠀ ▪️Наличие разных вариантов, под разные проблемы;
Последнее время я все чаще думаю с смене цвета, моя @stylemasha своим координатным решением вдохновила меня. Но за сменой цвета последует стрижка, так как в чёрном я уже 12 лет. Поэтому чёрный цвет у меня уже в днк 🧬😆 У меня есть веская причина , почему я не обрезаю волосы) она смешная, но для меня веская 🤦🏻‍♀️ Отгадаете?) Прчему же я не обращаю волосы?)))
Review. @shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Night Cream.

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Eye Cream and I absolutely loved it. Now I'm reviewing the night cream and let me tell you, it's amazing!

This anti-aging cream prevents fine lines and wrinkles before they become serious. The cream is rich and luxurious without being heavy and oily. It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, whole promoting overnight recovery for silky smooth skin by morning. My skin always feels so soft, smooth, and plump after using the cream!

Made with Shiseido's WrinkleResist24 technology (prevents the appearance of wrinkles), Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid and Hydroxyproline (smoothed and proves the look of wrinkles). Even though it's advertised more for dry skin, I think anyone with any kind of skin type can use this cream. I have oily skin and I love it. This cream doesn't cause me to break out and doesn't make me feel oily.
There is a floral fragrance to this cream. I like it, it does go away and isn't too heavy.
A little cream goes a long way! Making this cream last longer and worth buying.

Not only does my skin feel moisturized, softer, and smoother, but it also looks brighter with a healthy glow!
Picture 4/5: Before
Picture 6/7: After

Go to my blog for more pictures and my full review! Link in bio or: kimlovesskincare.blogspot.com

Rate (out of 5 stars):⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I highly recommend this cream and I would definitely buy it again!

You can get it at:
@shiseido hrrps://bit.ly/2xXpAgH
@sephora https://seph.me/2O6Mltc
@amazon https://amzn.to/2XUYuWS

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We each have our own kind of skin. Which products from our line are right for you?⁣
Questions? Guidance? Happy to help! Send us an email or a DM
Holaaa!! Hoy les quise traer este post para que se guiaran más con su rutina dependiendo de la edad, hice especificación entre la edad de los 14-6 años ya que siento que es una edad en donde la piel es DEMASIADO delicada y no podemos echarnos todo lo que nos recomienden en la cara. Como mencioné siempre es mejor visitar al dermatólogo, NO soy dermatólogo pero quise compartirles de lo que tengo conocimiento. ➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰ #skincare #skins #lovers #proctectorsolar #selfcare #skincaretips #skincareroutine #skincarecommunity #skincarelover #skincareproduct #skincareblogger #skincarenatural #skincaretip #skincarereview #skincarecommunity #skin #skincarenatural #skincareaddiction
This accidentally became my favorite blush. @milkmakeup in Solar is the perfect bright color for my skin tone. I'm reaching for it every time I do my makeup! 🍉🍉
Peelingujący żel oczyszczający możesz stosować codziennie rano i wieczorem. Pokochasz swoją skórę na nowo❗ .
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You’re never too young to take care of your skin. This little one loves getting sun screened and facial massages. She’ll be thankful she started so young when older🧖🏼‍♀️
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☀️ I’m on a YTTP hype this week! The superfood cleanser is a newfound favorite of mine and so is this face cream.
🙋🏼‍♂️ My thoughts + experiences: The face cream is made of kale 🥬, spinach 🍃, and green tea 🍵 just like the cleanser, so you will get the same lovely floral scent as well as the gentleness! This superfood air whipped moisture cream also has hyaluronic acid to give you that immediate boost of hydration and plumpness. It’s light, spreads super well, and doesn’t leave me looking greasy nor has it caused me any irritation or blemishes, which is always amazing! Nothing is worse than waking up with a red bump after testing out a new product. The things us product testers do for you all 🤣. Side note, I also love that YTTP is made in California (represent where I live, woot woot)!
👉 So far, I’ve tried and use the @youthtothepeople superfood cleanser, moisture cream and superberry dream mask. I’d love to know how the other products are so if you have used them or use them, please leave your comments below on the new toner they just released and thoughts on the mist👇