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While Jan was paddling through the mangrove and coconut trees, building muscles, I was playing #withGalaxy, working on my symmetry skills and feet posing;)
The lady, who rented out the boat, told us that after 15 minutes paddling we will reach a "small secret lagoon". We (Jan) paddled for 30 and almost turned back when a group of locals propelled past us blasting R'n'B tracks. We followed them and reached the so-called lagoon - size of a small jacuzzi, it failed to impress - especially after the amazing river ride we had before.
Lesson learned and the moral of the story is as old as this Planet - sometimes the path is more important than the destination. 
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Find a good spot for your heart and mind to recharge your soul! Gaze under the night sky and relish in a starry night when you stay &/or camp by the private Coral Point beach of Canaoay, La Union. ⠀ ⠀
Hardin de Corales may just have the right scenes for you. ✨💓 ⠀ ⠀
📍 Hardin de Corales - Coral Point, Canaoay, San Fernando, La Union ⠀ ⠀
For Inquiries
*  0966-326-6072 (Globe) ⠀ ⠀
*  0961-290-1455 (Smart)
Tel No. (072) 619-4245
where in davao city
Home workout! 💪💪 coz lately im too lazy to hit the gym thanks to a month of bed weather and netflix 🤪still, your gurl gotta burn some no matter what 💪😭💪
HIIT sets:
-mixed lunges
-hip trusts
-high jumps
-plank punches

Bad Guy - Billie Eilish
A taste of summer frolic before habagat hits the island. 
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One with nature 🌿🍃
Finally had my drone shot while wakeboarding 🤙🏽
I wish to touch the sky but I ended up falling at the ground ❤️💕
Rain or shine, Tokyo is still such an amazing place to be 🌺 What's your must visit spot in this city?
Fly hight 🏝🏝🏝
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gusto kita, pero...
mahal kita, pero... hindi ba pwedeng piliin ka kahit may pero?
The journey to the reach the summit is not an easy task but the assault of the climb is worth it once you've seen the view. ☀️😊✌️🧗‍♂️ 🏞️⛰️🌥️🌤️
I'm tired of defending my character. I am what I am. What you see is what you get.
The Sardine Run Experience 
i still don't drink coffee. 
This is just water 😝
Passing thru paradise 🌊
There are mysteries to the universe we were never meant to solve, but who we are and why we are here, are not among them, those answers we carry inside.
Bulaga! Hahahaha
put me on food network lol
Papasa na 'tong teleserye o 'di kaya'y pabalat ng magasin! (2 sa 2)
Pag-ibig o Karangalan? (2019, muling paggawa oha) (1 sa 2)
enjoying the pool at the village of my life. 🌴🍍
"Picture-picture pa kayo ryan eh magbe-break din naman kayo"
"'Wag mo lang talaga akong sisimulan naku sumasakit ulo ko sa'yo"