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You know I try.
Model:  Emilie G.  Agency: Rebel Models Norway

Canon EOS 5D MK3 @canonnorway

Lens: Sigma 85 mm F/1.4 DG HSM ART

Retouching: Capture One Pro & Adobe Photoshop CC
 @photoshop @captureonepro
Model: @carolinaspnola 😎
Este fin de semana marcó Chicharito Hernández con el West Ham. Lo mismo hizo Raúl Jiménez para los Wolves. 🇬🇧⠀
Héctor Herrera también marcó para el Porto, igual que el Pollo Briseño con el Feirense. 🇵🇹⠀
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Red Giada
The gentlemen barber @paulydscuts almost back to full beard mode at new #lasectionbarbershop first floor location.
Senny Neres.
Galleria WorkingArt "Burka-Burqa"
The project Burka - Burqa in a "work in progress" currently made of 84 "blue hands portraits", forming a twelve meter wall, which are going to grow up to a total of one hundred portraits. The project aims to represent people without any genre, sex, race and age discrimination, with their painted blue hands in front of the face, forming a kind of "window" through which it is possible to see only their eyes, which unequivocally call to mind a burka. The contrast arising from the blue hands, the skin and the eyes has to be interpretated as the metaphor of the uniqueness of the being that, instead of the burka, whose aim is hiding and deleting the personality of anybody puts it on, manages to emerge and burst thanks to the unimistakable efficary of a glance which cannot do without reflecting personality.
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Heather last year for my first university brief. #idmagazine #iD
Discotechnique @houseofyesnyc 2.22.19 @madamevivienv