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Oh boy! I don’t even need a play buddy cause this thingy is so much fun! Check it out 😎
It's a ruff life being a pupper, but mommy and daddy take good care of me. Just look at my comfy bed. 
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Hello Paw friends, 🐶
It’s been too long & here is what I’ve been up too...✨
I just started my first training class & I’m the teachers pet because I’m so smart and ahead of my classmates. This is me after my first haircut & in my first training session!

I will be launching a website within the next month and I can’t wait to keep everyone in the loop of my adventures🐾
How can summer time without watermelon 🍉 ?
hanging with my best fwiend Cookie 🍪
Excuse the state of me and my sister but how gorgeous are Jim & Rosie 😂🐶🐶 here’s a before & after pic. The left is around 5months old and the right is 9 months old 😀 I was convinced they hadn’t grown in ages until I saw this pic 😂 I wanted them to stay black in coloring but I’m absolutely obsessed with Rosie’s blond & grey new look after being groomed 🤣 #yorkie #yorkshireterrier #puppy #dogs #doggy #puppymom #puppymoments #transformation
King 👑 
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