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Facts sheet captain top 10:
1.I am a pathologist , passed MD pathology in 2018 and currently serving government bond in Mumbai, India. However, had I been 3  inches taller then I am, I would have been a pilot in Indian Air force, serving a short service commission.👩‍⚕️👩‍🔬 2.Kathak was my childhood sweetheart and my ex-boyfriend whom I fantasized about, all through the years I spent learning medicine and pathology; but not anymore. I am dating Kathak once again and I intend to marry it soon enough. Already dreaming about our happily ever after.💃 3.What I don't like about myself is that I am extremely apolitical, unlike my better half, because I had been sleeping through civics lessons ever since I was a kid.🤪 4. I hate travelling with travel agencies or companies. I actually research every detail of the place I wish to travel to, and plan the travel all by myself. Someday, to travel with a purpose would be a cherry on cake. ✈️ 5. I have never ever ordered food online and I am not fussy about food. Roasted masala-papad is my rescue snack, while I am crazy about different kinds of coffee and practically fanatic about artistic cafes.☕ 6. I strongly believe in freedom of thought; Every action is a result of variable perspective. I am the least judgmental person you will ever meet.😇 7. I totally support PDA & I can hug and kiss my pet or whoever I love, for the matter of fact; even on a busy crowded street or even on stage.🤗 8. I get extremely entertaining dreams and most writing ideas occur to me when I am partially asleep. I wish I could device an instrument to map my brain while I am asleep, or record my dreams, to watch them later. 😴

9. Although I struggle with my introversion, I absolutely love studying people and their personalities, the choices they make, their stories, everyday struggles to chase their dreams or to evolve to be the better versions of themselves & I find it difficult to be bossy to my inferiors or juniors at work.🤐 10. I thoroughly despise monotony, stagnancy and narrow mindedness ; While I deeply respect and enjoy any creative or imaginative process and intelligent conversations.❤️
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