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Maza aayega.
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what’s a success without failure anyway?
This is the biggest
of all the pains
of the heart
the less lethal
according to some
and the hardest
to cure.
This is the only
of the heart
that comes and goes
as if it was alive
as if it knew 
where to hide
and when to return
this is the pain 
I am used to the most
and still it burns
like my skin is new.

And time, who is supposed
to heal everything
to make me stronger
stares at my suffering
with a weird smile
and her arms crossed.

This is the oldest
pain I know
and if time won't fix me
space will.
You’ll never read it.
Now here we are
We're licking skin to wipe us clean
Strike a match, pour gasoline
Ditch the scene and watch this city burn
Asleep, my life will be a pillow steering wheel turn
I'll be reaching for the stars with you 
Who cares if no one else believes?
Yeah, so i, set fire to everyone around
But I told you, I told you, we'd do it
So ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha 
Yeah we walk (she is my ride home by Blue October)

This song is theme song of Harley and Joker by default!
i wrote this a few months ago for someone who had recently come back into my life, only to leave again without saying anything. it made me realize that i can’t control who comes and goes within my life- but i can control how tightly i hold onto them. 
poetizer link: https://poetizer.com/poem/324712

There comes a time, when people get tired of holding on to their feelings & loving a person. And either they leave or they let go the other person.
But neither I want to get tired of holding on to you and loving you, nor I want to leave you or let you go away from me
I won't regret waiting for you for a lifetime, but I would regret if I lose you.
Maybe sometimes I have seperated myself from people & sometimes I didn't force people to stay with me who wanted to leave me. But you, I request you, not to leave me because I don't want to get seperated from you.
You are everything for me that I can call "Just Mine", that I need, that I want, that I dream of, that makes me real, the one I trust, the one I believe, the one I love..And I just can't afford losing my everything...
I crave for you & sometimes I even cry for you. But you know what ? The feeling of not craving for you, not loving you and letting you go will be the most hurtful thing.
I believe in destiny, but this time I am against it and I want to write our destiny. "I always want to be by your side when no one is there. I want to hold your hands & stay with you till the eternity. I just want to see you smile, it brightens me up. I want to be a reason for your happiness, rather I would love to be your happiness."
"I can't & I don't want to see you broken. I don't want to leave you alone. I want to love you like no one does. I want to make you feel alive. Sadness & tears are also a part of life, but I don't want you to feel it for a lifetime. I don't want to see any scar on your soul." And for this, I will take all my best efforts & will be always there for you..Just no matter what...
It's us. So I feel that we will write our destiny together...
I just want "No Fault In Our Stars"

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