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Happy (early) Solstice to us!
We are thrilled and excited to give this unique work of art a place in our home. A bathymetric map of Wentzell Lake includes a wee dot of the Lake House. Love. Love. Love it!
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Captain Tom at the Boutique Design Fair in NY this week! Amazing experience exhibiting amongst so many incredible artists and designers. @bdny_fair
Competition – it’s your last chance to win this $560 @pangeamaps exclusive map of Broome and the Dampier Peninsula before it gets drawn tomorrow! Simply buy a copy of our book before 12 November to enter. Full details via the link in our bio! #100thingstosee #pangeamaps #win #competition #thisiswa #magickimberley #thekimberleyaustralia This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.
“This is my wave, dudes!” 📸: @rugligeri
Pangea Map of Perth Coastline created for my husband! From a distance looks like a piece of art, up close shows the topographic layers. Fabulous gift!#pangeamaps
Where the ocean meets the sea 📸: @merrwatson
A dinner guest that’s sure to spark conversation: Introducing our Ningaloo coast map ☀️
Can you guess what this artwork is?

A huge thank you to @pangeamaps for making this amazing 3D contour map of Wave Break Island and the Brodawater. 
You can spot this beautiful piece in our Gold Coast reception area. 
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My new artwork for my wall - a custom contour map of Noosa waters...one of our favourite holiday places! Thanks @pangeamaps we absolutely love it! #pangeamaps #beautifulmaps #beautifulart #favouriteholiday #noosaheads
Just in, for those that love @theamazingsouthcoast we have these exclusive @pangeamaps detailing our rugged coastline and underwater topography. The ideal gift for the “Salty Sea Dog” that is hard to please or those with an interest in our slice of heaven they are a true work of art. Available in two sizes to suit both budget and wall size this will always be a talking point in your abode. Call us on 98428044, drop in and have a look or Message us for further details. 
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Want to WIN this $560 map of Broome & the Dampier Peninsula, hand-made by @pangeamaps? Simply purchase @100thingstosee book between now and 12 November 2019 and see how to enter here https://www.thekimberleyaustralia.com/blog/pangea
Good luck! Shipping within Australia only.
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Competition – Win this $560 @pangeamaps exclusive map of Broome and the Dampier Peninsula. Simply buy our book between now and 12 November to enter. Full details via the link in our bio! #100thingstosee #pangeamaps #win #competition #thisiswa #magickimberley #thekimberleyaustralia This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.
We’re dying to make a custom map of the stunning braided rivers of NZ south! Any takers? 😉 📸: @ryanresatka
New art work. Thanks #pangeamaps love it
This is the first piece of art I purchased for our home.
It is an individually crafted and framed, 3D map of the waterway that we live on #LakeMacquarie.
I instantly fell in love with the concept.
The second picture inconspicuously depicts exactly where our house is on the lake - you’ll see it as the small dot.
The details of the water depths, estuary’s and streams within the lake are just too beautiful.
But - even after all this time I still can’t settle on the perfect place to display its beauty.
Better sit on it for another couple of months 🤔 .
Artwork by @pangeamaps .
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Every year Father's Day is a special celebration for the Pangea Maps family and this year we're excited to announce one soon-to-be Dad, creator of Pangea Maps, Tom. We can't wait for our Pangea family to grow by one more and we're sure our little sprogget will be ready to hit the tools and the surf in no time! 👶🌊 To celebrate, we are reaching out to our Aussie & Kiwi friends to offer a special Father's Day promotion for our limited edition Sunset range. 
Upgrade for FREE to our new Sunset range (24% saving) (limited to the first 20 orders)
Receive FREE shipping (limited to the first 30 orders) *The Sunset option will be launched to the rest of our customers around the world later in the year. We have been working to bring you this style to complement our existing Sunrise range. We are stoked to be able to offer this pre-launch special of only 20 maps out to our Australian and New Zealand customers. 💙
If you’re searching for a special wall decoration you should check out the sculptural, layered maps out of wood by @pangeamaps, handmade by Industrial designer Tom Percy in 2014. This unique art work shows the ocean floor, combining real bathymetric data with beautiful design. With modern surveying techniques and CAD technology Percy achieves the intricate details of the bodies to water to laser cut them into plywood. Check out the fine map selection of various lakes and coastlines in Australia, the United States and Canada on @pangeamaps or build a customized one of your favorite waterscapes from any region of the world 🌊
Read more about the wood art in our current issue! 
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Thanks @pangeamaps . Great artistic representation of our coastline. #pangeamaps
Mid Yell Voe. #pangeamaps #plywood #contours #midyellvoe #shetland
The Craft...
At Pangea, we create maps with a difference.
Beautifully crafted contour maps of iconic waterscapes.
Combining modern surveying techniques and technology with traditional cartography.
Dive into the deep

How jealous we are of @fathomless’ experience swimming with a baby sea turtle in the Great Barrier Reef
A sunset captured in the sand and sea 📸 @apertunity_
National city: where I was born. Chula Vista: where I grew up with my mom. Imperial Beach, CA : Where I grew up with my dad. 
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Black, white and red all over kitchen update. 
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Natural fibers, a touch of rattan and a handmade birch plywood map of of your favorite waterscape. Coastal living in the three easy steps 🌿
Party Wave 🐬 📸 @chrisbeetham
My Mother’s Day gift from @iamdetails! #alligatorpoint #pangeamaps @pangeamaps #homeofgoodvibes. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Love the wild. 📸 via @sitka_
A very special thank you to the Mum who shared this beautiful photo with us and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums! We love you and all that you do for us ❤️
@oscarsloane capturing the magnificent coastline New Zealand has to offer 💥
There’s one thing we love more than the ocean and that’s our Mums! ❤️
With the month of May upon us, we wanted to help you celebrate your mum by offering free shipping* on all Mother’s Day map orders.

Currently, there are only 42 spots left in our production schedule, so if you want to show your mama, your grandmama, your mother in-law, your step-mum, your dog mum our maybe even your plant mum that your love for them is as deep as the ocean, get in touch with us at custom@pangeamaps.com
So...remember the other day when I was going on and on about how the ocean fills my heart and soul? Well, look at what I just discovered!⁣
What is it you ask?⁣
It's a handmade contour map of Vancouver's coastline. How cool is that!⁣
It's made by @pangeamaps and I know I need one of these in my home! ⁣
What's extra cool is that you can custom make any coastline you want! You need to check them out.⁣
This would look amazing hanging by itself (they have a mega size) or even mixed into an eclectic gallery wall. This would add a little texture, a little visual interest, and a uniquely personal touch. to any wall. Hang it alone (they have a mega size) or mix it into a cool gallery wall.⁣
You can't go wrong with this.⁣
ps. @pangeamaps isn't giving me anything for this post...unless of course they see this post and can't help themselves⁣
// ⁣
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Bit in love with my new picture #pangeamaps thank you 🙏
An eagle’s eye view over the #BundaCliffs on the #GreatAustralianBight. Can you spot the teeny little campervan? @tripinavan
Next time you’re feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, try and hunt down a waterfall. They do an incredible job of putting things into perspective. 📸 via @mitch.cox
Nothing like a bit of vitamin sea
via @sitka_
Who’s heading on an adventure this Easter? #goodboyonboard 🐶
📸 @rodtrvn
The weathers cooling down here in Aus, so we’re ready to snuggle up and stay in bed! Lucky we have a little Pangea coastline on the wall so we can stare out and dream ☁️✨
Watching the world fly by ✨⛅️
Via @nicktribuno
Stumbling across your very own private rockpool👌🏼
A Christmas present finally on the wall, and Tuvaluan memories on display 🇦🇺 🌏 🇹🇻 It's a bathymetry / oceanography map of the main atoll, Funafuti. 
It makes visible how it felt, a little piece of land sticking out barely above the sea. 🌴

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Staring out to sea in this incredible tiny home from @escapepods! Can you spot our custom NSW South Coast map on the wall? ☕️ Photo @theevokecompany
Styling @ivyinteriordesign
Mid week froth! 🌊
📸 @avg.surfer
Just like us, @kararosenlund loves nothing more than a seascape. 🌊 We think this image of hers is truly breathtaking!