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Kenzie's grown up<33 @kenzie @kenzie
 #kenzie#jenzie#lenzie#jaurenzie#bratkids#grownup#friendshipgoals#mommymel#zieglers#orlandos (Also I love kenzie's new song "HOT", and I think its about Ashton)
she’s so cute wthhh
Chapter seven💘
*tony came inside the room*
T- hey guys...I’m sorry...I really have to go now...we will discuss everything about the characters and the show tomorrow
Y/n- it’s fine...we actually wanna hangout together 
T- cool....have fun everyone 
Ash- thanks [darian started Johnny’s car and went back home, Johnny and Lauren stayed with the others]
JB- so where do you wanna go? 
Y/n- idrk 
Ann- lets go to the cinema to watch any movie or something 
Y/n- yeah sound fun 
We went to the cinema, Jayden called her boyfriend Armani to come with us and he came after few minutes, we met many fans in our way and it was so much fun....we chose the movie and Armani and Jayden sat together, Asher and Annie and then Johnny and Kenzie together, Lauren and I were the single girls of the group but we didn’t care, the movie was horror so the girls were hiding their faces and cuddling with their boyfriends and Lauren and I were laughing at them and at the horror scenes which was kinda weird but nvm...it was so much fun, few hours passed and the movie wasn’t over yet...I was watching and I suddenly got a phone call from Noah 
Y/n- Lauren? I’m gonna go outside...I have to respond to this 
L- okay *i went outside*
Y/n- hello Noah
N- hi 
Y/n- is everything okay?
N- was just worried about you so I called you....where are you?
Y/n- I’m with my friends in the cinema, the movie is almost over...I will come back soon....don’t worry about me 
N- do you want me to come with someone to pick you up
Y/n- no you don’t have to
N- but it’s late now 
Y/n- I might ask Asher-
N- wait w-who’s a-asher? 
Y/n- Asher angel...you already know him right?
N- yeah- 
Y/n- look Noah I will tell you everything happened with me today when I come back...okay?
N- okay fine
Y/n- I’m really sorry Noah but I really have to hurry 
N- it’s fine....don’t worry about it 
Y/n- goodbye 
N- take care 
Y/n- sure *end of convo*
To be continued💘
[you got my number baby] 💍
hii. ♡
I'm starting a new start again, because I didn't like the old collectin and the way of editing.
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