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❣️😻 💕💕 August 20, 2018

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Grads at the Barbican 🇬🇧

Shanghai, March 2019
Playing with light and shadow at Ewha.
Highest score wins, right? ⛳️🏌🏻‍♂️#HoleyMoley
A group of tourists wanted a photograph with another group of tourists dressed like SIA Stewardess.
Shot by - @be_kushagra 
In-frame - @atishay47 
Originally shot for - @photocytes |||
About us 
Photocytes is an Instagram based media showcase where filmmakers and photographers showcase their creative skills and create an indigenous development opportunities ||| Email - kushagra.14agarwal@gmail.com 
WhatsApp :- 8076585877

Service based In DELHI NCR 
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Rose Street Artists’ Market
11:41 pm.
We did it! We crossed that finish line! 50km in 12hrs 45minutes. LONG POST AHEAD!

It wasn’t easy but it was amazing and I feel like I’ve accomplished something massive (also must mention I feel like an old woman today, can only shuffle along extremely slowly and can’t straighten my legs! I’m in fits of laugher and tears of pain all at the same time at how sore it is and how funny I must look 😂) Thank you to the incredible @nzleebaker who organised us all, accommodated us, kept us fed, made us feel so cared for and put in hours and hours behind the scenes.

Thank you to our support crew, @bjorn.brickell and @joshcoombridge for keeping our spirits lifted at the check points - “Rejuvenation Station”, “Inspiration Station” and “Celebration Station”. @tevitatai and Rob who were also our unofficial support crew, from walking us into the check points to stretching out our muscles. It was great having you there to help.

Thank you to those who supported our walk financially on the Oxfam page. As a team we raised almost 2.5k (and its actually not too late to donate to our walk - oxfamtrailwalker.org.nz/team-life-fm)

And saved the best till last, a huge big thank you to my team for walking it out with me! Could not have done that with out you. You kept my pace and encouraged, and waited for me when I lagged behind. “Come on, Sherryn”. What happens on Trailwalker, stays on Trailwalker 😂👍🏼 Ready to do it all again next ye..... kidding. That was a once in a lifetime for me but y’all go ahead! 📸 @nzleebaker and my iPhone 😂👍🏼
Girl's you look good why don't you back that azz up