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Flying for Heroes 2014 - was the smashing together of so many ingredients. The mix of cultures and lifestyles no more apparent than in this photos - a custom-built flying machine being packed away by Jon Beswick and Charlie Curtis whilst a group of local Maasai look on (having narrowly avoided having their heads knocked off by a rather bouncy paratrike landing, throwing the machine directly at them at the side of the runway. Captain Kangaroo made a safe landing a little further down the track. http://ow.ly/XQGgF
Flying for Heroes 2014 - Kenya. This was taken at sunrise in Chyulu Hills, as the Advance Party packed up ready to leave. We'd spent two days here with a Maasai Guide and his motorbike rider, eating freshly killed goat cooked on the fire. We'd also been invaded by a small group of African Killer Bees and driven through the bush on a midnight safari, collecting hundreds of bitey little ants in each of the vehicles. They'd nested in the fruit trees, turning some of the fruits into cocoons for their eggs and eating the rest. I found them tucked away in my clothes for hours that evening. 
We were also camping in the centre of three prides of lions, living out in the lava rocks by day and out hunting at night. Our Maasai guide assured us that he'd stay awake all night to keep the fire burning to keep them away - except that when I got up at 2am to tell him to turn his bloody iPhone music off, I found him tucked up in a blanket with his motorbike rider, fast asleep and snoring and the fire nothing but a smouldering pit of embers surrounded by goat carcass. It wouldn't have kept a squirrel away, let alone a lion.  http://ow.ly/XQ8sa